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Why is it so Hard 

Just to Fix Your Health?

Although you try really hard & you're a pretty smart person ...

  • Healthcare has become so complicated, that it's difficult to navigate it on your own.
  • There's so much contradictory information, it's easy to get "analysis paralysis".
  • It feels nearly impossible to get to an evidence-based diagnosis that you can trust.
  • Doctors only want to fill you with a pill for every ill & pass you along to someone else. 
  • You suspect toxins & chemicals are making you sick from your food, water & air supply.
  • You needs to get those toxins & chemicals out of you, but don't know "How To" do it.
  • You just want someone (who knows what to do) to help you detoxify your body & fix your health !! 

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       By getting you to the "root cause" of your illness & identifying what's going on at the cellular & mitochondria level.


       By determining your highest priorities and identifying what you should focus on ... FIRST.


       By measuring 21 different categories of your health and giving you results by both color & number.


       By taking the guesswork out of your decision-making, so you can save valuable time, money & energy.


       By giving you a roadmap to follow, so that you can gain confidence, capability & control.

My Story 

of Struggle

I've been where you are.

I know what it's like.

I can help YOU succeed!!

I spent over 40 years of my life, yes, “40-ohhhh my goodness years” trying to fix my body and live ... A Better Life! I ended up with 17 major surgeries (most unnecessary) and spent over $350,000 in out-of-pocket costs trying to get myself well. I nearly died. Twice. In fact, I’m a multi-medical malpractice survivor. But the hardest thing of all, was knowing that the very people I trusted most with my life (and worked with side-by-side as a Board-Certified Patient Advocate for over 20 years) nearly killed me. Instead of helping me, they hurt me. What's worse, is that I let them.  Why? Because I trusted them, that's why. Until I realized they were all ... WRONG !!



They told me I had Heart Disease & Early Onset Dementia. I didn’t. They kept ripping out my body parts & doing one surgery after another. Yet it didn't fix me. They kept me on high doses of antibiotics, which destroyed my gut & immune system. Yet it didn't fix me. They kept putting stents in my heart where they didn’t belong and were not necessary. Yet it didn't fix me. Stents that I didn’t want (or need) that caused a massive heart attack where I nearly died. My Troponin Level was 123.323, the highest my retiring surgeon had EVER seen in his entire life ... and a whopping 20,000 times higher than it should have been!  Because of that, I was put on a heart bypass machine and got last rites. Twice. They told my family I was going to die. They made them say goodbye. And all I could think when this was happening was, "OMG ... they're are actually going to kill me!"



Last rites. Twice. 

From a botched surgery.

This Could Happen

to you, too !

Look, I’m a smart, capable, professional woman. Graduated at the top of my class. But even that wasn’t enough to protect me. I’ve got a brother who’s a Physician’s Assistant & a sister who’s a Medical Lab Manager. But even that wasn’t enough to protect me. I’m a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, one of the first 250 in the world to earn this distinguished designation. But even THAT wasn’t enough to protect me. So, if I’ve got all this education, experience, skills & capabilities, and a bunch of really smart people around me, and I got run over from healthcare like this, just IMAGINE what could possibly happen ... to YOU, too?  



Don't let them harm you. In the end, I didn’t have heart disease and I didn't have early onset dementia. I had mold illness, along with some nasty toxins & horrible chemicals lurking inside my body that were wrecking my health. Something so common that so many people have, yet NOBODY in the Traditional Healthcare System knew anything about it, nor knew how to fix it. They still don't. On my last hospitalization (which was not too long ago), I actually had an Attending Physician in a Level 1 Trauma Center of an ER say to me, "I'm sorry, but we don't recognize your illness here. I Googled it and it said it was made up by Chiropractors." True story. He actually said those words to me. I was astounded! What really irked me the most was the fact that the Functional Medicine Doctor who diagnosed me, was an MD (just like him) and who had also worked in a busy Emergency Room for more than 12 years, providing over 10,000 hours worth of patient care, in a hospital that averaged over 40,000 ER visits per year. Pretty pathetic, right? Pffffft.

1 in every 4 people have the same genetic defect I have for mold illness, called CIRS Disease, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. It's a progressive, multi-system, multi-symptom illness caused by exposure to biotoxins ... which is poison that mold produces. It could affect literally any body part you have, at random, and give you a bunch of symptoms that seem unrelated, yet they are all totally connected. You could have this illness too. In fact, if you haven't been tested for it, I'd go online and take the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test to check and see. For a couple of dollars, it's totally worth it. (I've never seen a false positive!)

Mold Illness comes with ongoing inflammation that can virtually affect any organ in your body. If left untreated, it will become debilitating. That's what happened to me. It comes when you have genetic defect on Chromosome #6. This inherited
"HLA" gene is supposed to help your body fight off disease and provide you with immune support. Yet, it doesn't. Instead your body attacks itself and cannot tell the "good guys" from the "bad guys". So, your body can't fix itself, or eliminate the toxins on its own. Which means, they stay inside of you permanently making you sicker and sicker as time goes on. You won't get any better until you get those toxins & chemicals OUT of you, through proper detoxification.


You Don't Have To

Go It Alone !!

Regardless of whether you have as genetic defect for CIRS Disease & Mold Illness like I do (or not), you can still get very sick from mold too, plus all the toxins & chemicals that are in your home, at work, and in your body that you've been exposed to. In fact, no matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, I guarantee that you've got toxins & chemicals in your body (right now) that are affecting your health. We all do. They're silent, but they're deadly ... and no matter what you do, or how you do it, you cannot stop them from creeping into you. The only thing you can do is to detoxify your body to get them OUT of you.

So take your first step today and learn what you can do to fix your health. Just a little bit of detox each day will begin to take the healthcare woes away. In no time at all, you'll be able to get rid of the toxins & chemicals out of you that you took in yesterday, and hopefully, soon enough, you'll start pecking away at the ones you've been storing up for a lifetime. It may have taken you 10 years to become symptomatic and sick, but with a proper Detox Plan and a Comprehensive Protocol, it could take you as little at 10 months to wipe the slate clean and fully restore your health from the inside out. The time is now to take ownership of your health.

So, what's lurking in your body? 

And what are YOU

going to do to get it out?

The Story 

of my Success

I think the key to my success in turning my health around was ultimately found in my staying focused, dedicated, and unwavering in my desire to fix my health. Look, listen, learn. Rinse & repeat. That was my motto. Always paying attention. Always seeking support and answers. I left no stone unturned. I sought out help from others. Help from those who could help me crack the code. And when I did finally crack that code, I was so surprised by how simple it really was. 



This is me after detoxifying 

my body and fixing my health.

You can FIX your health

In just 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1:   Get YOU out of the toxins.  Which means, "FIND THE CAUSE". You've got to figure out what kinds of toxins & chemicals are in your home and work and get you out of them as quickly as possible.

STEP 2:   Get the toxins OUT of you.  Which means, "TREAT THE CAUSE". You've got to figure out what kinds of toxins & chemical are in your body and get them out of you as fast as you can.

STEP 3:   Fix the DAMAGE done.  Which means, "GET TO SAFETY". Regardless of what you do, (or how you do it), whether your stay (or go), remediate (or not), detox with a Comprehensive Protocol (or Foundational Protocol), you need to know that, 100% for sure, whatever you chose worked and that you've got the tools & resources you need to remain forever safe.

You need to detoxify

your home, your work & your body

if you want to fix your health.

With over 70% of all buildings having mold sickness & environmental toxins inside, it's nearly almost impossible to have a perfectly safe space with which to live and work. I learned this the hard way! Plus, with there being 86,000 registered chemicals & toxic substances out there, it's nearly impossible to avoid having some kind of exposure to them. They're there. And they're NOT going away. Therefore, all you can do it to focus on getting you OUT of the toxins and the toxins out of you. Which, I learned, is NOT so easy to do! There's a lot that goes into it and lot that can go wrong. There's a big learning curve. Plus, there's a lot at stake, because it's likely to cost you a boatload of valuable time, money & energy. So, it's important that you get it right, right from the very start. You don't want to suffer the consequences if you don't do it right. Because it could literally cost you a fortune, or maybe even cost you ... your life !!

Health is Wealth.

Are Mold & Toxins

Making you Sick?

Get to the "root cause" of your illness if you want to fix your health.

I've had 4 different mold encounters in my life. Each one hurting my health. My first one was after having knee surgery. I had been in bed a LOT to rest & recover. But instead of getting better, I got worse. Much worse. 

The longer I laid in bed, the sicker I got. Until I finally realized something in that room was making me sick. I went searching for answers, until I finally found one. 



I found a little bit of light grey mold on the backside of my dresser. At first it looked like a little bit of dust. I realized the mold came because I always kept the room dark (to block out the Florida sun) and I spritzed my big hanging fern near the dresser often. I guess the combination of moisture & darkness allowed it to grow ... which was the spark that ignited the flame. Then, my genetics did the rest. 

It took me more than 20 years to figure out that ANY exposure to mold could literally be deadly for me, because I have the HLA genetic defect that causes CIRS Disease. Basically it means, I don't have the ability to eliminate mold & toxins from my body on my own, like most people do. I need help to get it out. Thankfully, I had the common sense to do more than just wipe away the mold that day. I instinctively knew that if it was making me that sick, I needed to remediate the room.

Questions, Questions

Questions !!

There were so many questions I had that swirled around in my head. None of them had any answers. So, I knew that I needed a Plan of Action and to get myself some reliable information. I asked myself, what was the best way to get rid of the mold? Should I remediation myself, or not? Hire someone else, or not? Paint the room, or not? Replace the carpets, or not? Get new furniture, or not? Toss the pillows and blankets out, or not? What was my best path forward? I didn't know. I also didn't know how I was going to tell if what I did worked, or if I got it right. 

There were so many

unanswered questions.

That was the beginning of my learning journey. One that I am still on today. I set out to figure out "How To" remove the mold & toxins from my home, my office & my body, but never realized how hard it would be to do, nor how long it would take me to accomplish. It took me decades to learn everything that I needed to know and a lifetime to put all the parts & pieces together and finally get it right. Now, here I am, all these years later and I finally know exactly what to do & how to do it ... and I can show you the way. I figured it out, but I really wish that it didn't take me so long. 

Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes !!

Getting You OUT

of the Mold & Toxins.

You've got to get YOU out of the mold & toxins, and do so ASAP!

Mold & toxins are silent killers. Most often, you cannot see them, smell them, touch them, or taste them. In fact, you probably won't even know that they're there. But, they are, lurking beneath the shadows and slowly degrading your home, your body, and your mind. I learned, first-hand, that if you want to FIX your health and live A Better Life ... the most important thing you could do is to get YOU out of the mold & toxins as quickly as possible. There's nothing more important than that. Therefore, it's your highest priority!

However, finding them and fixing them is NOT so easy. Or so I learned. So it's important to do it quickly, clearly, and succinctly the very first time around, so that you don't have to do it more than once. It matters. The longer that you're in those toxins, the more damage they can do to you. Irreversible damage. So once you know you've got health issues, you've got to hurry-up and figure out exactly what they are, and where they are. The clock is ticking. You've got to get your space tested in order to see what it is that you're dealing with.

Seems so Simple.

But it's NOT that Easy to do !!

I've had 4 different mold remediation projects and "encounters" throughout my life. Three of them were successful, but one was NOT. The very first episode was with the mold behind the dresser and was the easiest remediation project of all. I stripped the carpets, put in new floors, painted the room with special mold & mildew resistant paint. I got new pillows & special allergy covers, then did a deep cleaning on the furniture. I also got a special new air filter and in no time at all I started to get better.

My second encounter with mold was NOT so easy. It was on the inside of the concrete block walls of my son's room. It took me many months to figure out and I had to get help from the Environmental Protection Agency & the Health Department. I also had to remediate both the inside AND outside of the room. It took several months to do and was a hassle.

The third (and ONLY unsuccessful) mold remediation, was under the floors at work. That's the one that nearly killed me and despite how much work I did on my own to remediate, my landlord was unwilling to help fix the rest of the offices in my 5-room suite. So nothing that I did would matter. It was a losing battle. That's when I learned the lesson of "can't vs. won't". I thought to myself, "I can't" get out. I've got a lease, a busy business, too many people relying on me. Too much going on. Then, I nearly died and that's when I realized I had limiting beliefs. I was holding myself back. Rather than telling myself "I can't get out" I was really of the mindset that "I won't get it". Can't vs. won't. Big difference! My how quickly that had changed when I was on the brink of death watching my life flash before my eyes. It didn't take me long to realize that my stubbornness and way of thinking was NOT worth dying for!  

My fourth (and most recent) mold encounter was deep underneath my kitchen cabinets. It took 8 months to find it, and fix it. And it all started when my symptoms returned and I ended up back in the hospital. This mold remediation project was the most expensive thus far (and the biggest hassle) costing us over $30,000 in repairs. And taking forever to do because of all the shortages and delays from the Pandemic. Everything was such a hassle!

So, if you've got healthcare challenges (or loved ones with healthcare challenges) the first place to look for answers is in your home and at your job. Go looking. See what's there. Most likely there's something there that's making you sick. Get your space tested. Figure out what's in your environment that's at the "root cause" cause of your issues. There's something lurking there. I promise you that.

70% of ALL Homes & Offices

Have Mold Sickness !!

Do whatever it takes to find out what's going on in your space. You cannot fix the problem until you know WHAT the problem is. So, go searching for answers if you want to get yourself to solutions. Figuring this out to do this by yourself can be overwhelming, I know, especially when you're not okay. But regardless of what you do, it MUST be done. Therefore, it's your highest priority. And Step #1.

Getting the Mold 

& Toxins Out of YOU.

You've got to Detoxify your body in order to fully restore your health.

All of the symptoms you have, right now, are probably all interconnected in some way, shape, or form. At my worst, in this chart above, I had 31 of these 35 symptoms. Plus, I had problems in all 13 categories. I NEVER connected the dots, or knew that my symptoms could possibly be related. Yet, they were. Had I seen this chart (way back when) I would have know this was me. So, ask yourself, what symptoms do YOU have, right now, that are affecting your health? And what's causing them to happen? Where are they coming from? See how they are all related. Search for the toxins & chemicals in your environment.

The average person is exposed to 

700,000 toxic chemicals


Nobody is immune from toxins & chemicals. NOBODY! Sickness comes when they build up in your body and you can't fight them off. Simple, everyday items can be hurting your health. Products like computers, cell phones, cars, furniture, flooring, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies & plastic water bottles. So much of the products & services you use in your everyday life come with exposure to toxins & chemicals that are NOT good for your health. Sadly, you cannot eliminate them. The best you can do is to tamp them down and reduce your exposure to them. From there, you incorporate a regimen of regular detoxing to make sure that your body can function at its best and keep them coming out.

1 in every 4 people will die (or nearly die) from exposure to toxins & chemicals. 2 of every 4 people will have chronic illness of some sort from them. 1 lucky soul will be scratching their head wondering what everybody else is fussing about, because they feel "just fine". (At least, for now.) But, don't worry, they'll get theirs, too, it's only a matter of time. Eventually mold & toxins will harm everyone. And despite the myths, it CAN kill you! I see it everyday and I'll tell you, it's tragic to watch. People wasting away with horrible illnesses and debilitating diseases, suffering day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, and year-after-year. What's worse is knowing that it's ... 100% preventable !!

So, ask yourself, what's causing 

YOUR problems?

So, start digging. Look around. Find what's hurting you. See what's making you sick and making your space unsafe. Find the problems and get them fixed. Get to the "root cause" of your issues and work to get those nasty toxins & harmful chemicals OUT of your body once and for all! Beyond that, it will be about getting yourself on good Detox Program that can keep you safe.


Making Sure Your Space

Remains SAFE.

Become proactive about the space you live & work in to make sure it's always safe.

There's so much to learn, and do, and know, when it comes to getting YOU out of the toxins & the toxins OUT of you. The learning curve is steep. It can feel overwhelming at times to figure this all out, especially when you're not well.  There's a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of questions that need asked. The process takes time. Often, months & months of hard work and long hours of chaos and remediation, costing you a ton of time, money & energy. But even then, you're still not done, because, after that, you need to make sure that whatever you did was right and will keep your space safe ... day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-after-year.

An Ounce of Prevention

is worth a pound of CURE !!

It's far better to prevent a problem from happening in the first place, than it is to have to work to correct it after it has already happened. And that's why you need help. Once you've got yourself OUT of the mold & toxins ... and the mold & toxins out of YOU, you need to work on a long-term plan to keep your home & work space forever safe. 

That will take a lot of diligence, patience, and attention to detail. It's all about learning what you ought to do (and what NOT to do) when it comes to finding the most efficient way to maintain your work and living space. It's about setting up "Healthy Habits" right from the very start in order to promote success. You've got to gather all the tools & resources you need around you  to create a healthier, happier home and ... A Better Life !! That's Step #3.

Am I the


to help?

I Can Help You Gain Control

When it comes to fixing your body, there's nothing better than having a guide, like me, who's been through it all before and who knows exactly what you need to do. I can show you the way. I've been in your shoes before, and I know the pitfalls that you need to overcome. I've had to learn everything the hard way, but you don't! The key is in knowing "How To" fix your body and become proactive about your health, so that you don't have to be reactive to it. It's all about getting you to the point where you're well enough to get OUT of the Healthcare System and need less medical care. How exactly, do you do that especially when you're not okay? 

That's Exactly

What I Excel At.

My Educational Training & Coaching Programs will help you do just that. They're all about creating a path forward that can help you overcome the barriers getting in your way. Showing you what to do and taking it one-step-at-a-time and one-task-at-a-time, breaking down everything into manageable parts and pieces. And that's where my being a Board-Certified Patient Advocate comes into play. I know how to take all those Problems & Pet Peeves and whittle them down into your Top 10 Priorities List. I know how to take that priorities list and turn it into a powerful & productive Things to Do List. It's problem solving, organization, and healthcare navigation at its very best. And THAT'S what make me better than all the rest. I can help you to simplify healthcare navigation & detoxification and show you how to restore your health to its full vitality.  

How EXACTLY Can I Help You

Do All of That?


Easy Peasy. 

We'll do it together. Systematically & methodically. Taking it one-step-at-a-time & one-day-at-a-time. I'll show you exactly what to do and "How To" do itI'll give you the Roadmap to follow that will help you Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare and remove the unwanted obstacles that are getting in your way. And don't worry, if there's anything left over after your detoxify your body, (symptom wise), that's where my Medical Advocacy skills & connections come into play. I will work to help you find a path forward and connections to address any lingering issues you may have. The goal is getting you to your BEST wellness possible! 

Whatever it takes, my goal for you is getting you to Ultimate Health. I will help you find the tools & resources you need in order to succeed. Plus, I'll help you bridge the gap between the Traditional Healthcare System & that of Functional Medicine, giving you the BEST of both worlds. Which I believe you will need.

I'll also help you find the right people, places & things to make getting healthy easy and provide you with simple solutions to your complex problems. Together we'll find a way to reach your goals and fix your health.

One That's Simply ...

Out of this World !!

Here's how you can get

on the Road to Wellness today! 

  • FREE Health Assessment
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Ready to Get to


Look, when you're sick & tired of always being sick & tired, and you're overwhelmed and overloaded from life itself, you simply cannot move forward with confidence, capability, or control. Instead, you'll end up spinning your wheels, and going around and around in the Healthcare System getting absolutely nowhere. I've been there before! Half the time your Doctors (and maybe even your family members) will think you're crazy, or way too needy, but you'll know better. You know you're NOT crazy, you're just sick. And tired. And despite your best efforts, nobody is giving you a solution. And that's simply not okay with you!

You wish they would just LISTEN to you and understand what it is that you're going through. You wish they could just simply fix you, or give you a path forward. You wish they would know what it's like to be in your shoes. To understand what it is that you're going through. If only they knew what that was like, they they would get you.

But, they're NOT in your shoes and they can't understand you, like I do. You've got to live through it to fully understand what it is. You've gotta live through it to fully appreciate the struggle. And I do. I've been where you are. I know what it's like. And I know exactly what you're going through. I understand the frustrations and fear and anxiety you're living through. Right now, you need real world solutions, for your out of this world problems. So, let me help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, much quicker & easier than you ever thought possible. I can do that. Because I've done it for myself and many others. Look how far I've come. Let me help you!

You deserve to live 

your life in good health. 

So, please, come join me.

Let's get you started.

Get Your 

Free Health Assessment 



 It's time for

Getting Healthy

Made Easy !!

Bonnie K. Brown
Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach & Seminar Leader. She’ll teach you "How To" better Advocate for yourself and give you the tools and resources you need to simplify healthcare. As a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner, she’ll help you get to the "root cause" of your illness and detoxify your body to remove the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals lurking there. She'll show you how to fix your health, eliminate your disease, and get to your best wellness possible. Her award-winning Educational Training & Coaching Programs will give you peace of mind & help you reach your Ultimate Health.

Our Mission
Getting You To Your Best Wellness Possible

Our mission is to help as many people as possible learn “How To” better Advocate for themselves in order to live ... A Better Life !!  We'll show you how to maneuver through the medical maze and take control of your health. We'll help you to detoxify your body by using the wonderful products from CellCore Biosciences & Microbe Formulas. Their supplements & protocols will help you find the “root cause” solutions to common system imbalances. Let us help you get well (and stay well) through the magic of Carbon Technology and let us help you bridge the gap between Traditional Healthcare and Functional Medicine.