3 steps

to Success

How To Fix Your Body AND get to Your Best Wellness Possible

Step #1

Get You
OUT of the Toxins !!

You've Got To Stop Being Exposed To The "Toxins & Chemicals"
If You Ever Want To Fix Your Health.

INVISIBLE HEALTH HAZARDS: Mold, toxins & chemicals are silent killers. Most often, you will NOT be able to see them, smell them, or even touch them. They'll be hidden in your food, water & air supply, and will silently be making you sick. So, you've got to find them and fix them ... as soon as you can. Because the longer you're exposed to them, the sicker you'll become. Also, it doesn't matter if you have an allergy to the toxins & chemicals (or not), because everyone, everywhere is susceptible and will have all kinds of symptoms from them.

It's simple. In concept.
Yet NOT So Easy !!

HOW I LEARNED THIS: Through my harrowing journey, I discovered the immense impact that invisible health hazards like mold, toxins, and chemicals can have on our bodies. I learned that these silent killers often lurk undetected in our food, water, and air, silently wreaking havoc on our health. The most crucial lesson was that identifying and eliminating these hidden threats is the first and most vital step towards recovery.

It's not about having a specific allergy or sensitivity; these toxins can affect anyone, causing a wide range of symptoms that are often misdiagnosed or overlooked by traditional healthcare. I realized that true healing begins with understanding the sources of exposure and taking swift, proactive steps to remove them from your environment. Time is of the essence - the longer the exposure, the more damage accumulates.

This experience taught me the importance of vigilance, regular testing, and trusting my body's signals. I learned to never assume any environment is safe and to persistently seek out these invisible enemies. Most importantly, I discovered that education is empowerment. Understanding these threats became my first line of defense, transforming me from a victim to a victor in my health journey. These hard-earned lessons now form the core of how I guide others to reclaim their health and well-being.

Step #2

Get the Toxins

ouf of YOU !!

You've got to completely "detoxify" your body
if you want to get the toxins out out of you.

NOBODY IS IMMUNE - NOT EVEN YOU - EVER:  Nobody is immune from toxins & chemicals ... NOBODY. Nowhere. I don't care who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, nor how rich (or poor) you are. Sickness doesn't discriminate. It comes to everyone, everywhere, especially when they build up enough toxins in their body and they can't fight it off any longer.

It's only a matter of time.

GUARD YOUR HEALTH:  Simple everyday items can become harmful to your health. They leach into your body and cause terrible symptoms and debilitating disease. So, take the steps necessary to reduce your overall exposure and learn how to detoxify your body properly. Your health is at stake. Please don't take that lightly!  Because a healthy person has a thousand wishes, but a sick person has just 1. So, put your health first. It matters.

The average person is exposed to
700,000 toxic chemicals

Think about that.

HOW I LEARNED THIS:  My journey through illness to wellness revealed a profound truth: detoxification isn't a luxury—it's an absolute necessity in our modern world. I discovered that the cumulative effect of daily toxin exposure can silently erode our health, leading to chronic illnesses that seem to appear out of nowhere. This realization taught me the critical importance of being proactive rather than reactive about our health.

I learned that true detoxification requires a holistic, comprehensive approach. It's not just about avoiding obvious toxins; it's about understanding hidden sources and making sweeping lifestyle changes. This means being vigilant about the products we use, the food we consume, and the environments we inhabit. Every choice matters when it comes to our toxic load.

Perhaps most crucially, I discovered that education and constant vigilance are our best defenses in a world where the average person is exposed to 700,000 toxic chemicals every single day. Understanding the impact of these toxins and taking continuous, informed steps to minimize exposure while supporting our body's natural detoxification processes is key to maintaining and reclaiming our health.

These hard-earned lessons didn't just transform my own approach to wellness; they became the foundation of how I now guide others to reclaim their health and vitality. Remember, a healthy person has a thousand wishes, but a sick person has just one. Don't wait until it's too late—prioritize your health today. It's not just important; it's everything.

Step #3

Keep Your Home 
And Workspace Safe !!

You've got to be "proactive" about your health and learn to live a 

preventative lifestyle in order to minimize the toxins you're being exposed to.

LEARN "HOW TO" BECOME TOXIN FREE: There's so much to learn about, (and to know), when it comes to getting YOU out of the toxins & the toxins OUT of you. And so much to figure out to keep your space forever safe. It can feel overwhelming at times just trying to figure this all out. So much so that it's easy to ge"analysis paralysis." And feel like as much as you know, and as far as you've come, there's so much farther to go. I still feel that way today. But regardless of the path you take, you need to continue chipping away at it and figure out how to keep your home and your workspace safe.

FIND SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR COMPLEX PROBLEMS: My Educational Coaching & Training Programs and Guided Detoxification Programs can help. You'll have all the tools & resources you need to get you on the right track. Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of figuring everything out on your own, because A Better Life - Health & Wellness will be right there by your side, providing you with the expert guidance and support you need every-step-of-the-way.

GETTING HEALTHY - MADE EASY:  Don't wait another day to transform your health and reclaim your life. Let us help you embark on your wellness journey and unlock the secrets to living a full, healthy, vibrant, and toxin-free life.

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention
is worth a pound
of CURE !!

HOW I LEARNED THIS: My journey taught me that true health isn't just about treating symptoms—it's about creating a safe haven in our everyday environments. I discovered that being proactive and living a preventative lifestyle is not just beneficial, it's essential in our toxin-laden world. Creating and maintaining a safe space requires constant vigilance, education, and dedication.

It's about breaking down complex problems into manageable steps and taking continuous, deliberate action to minimize toxin exposure. I learned that regular assessment and maintenance of our living and working spaces are crucial, as is understanding the hidden sources of toxins.

But perhaps most importantly, I realized that no one should navigate this journey alone. Having expert guidance and a supportive community can transform an overwhelming task into an achievable mission. 

This proactive, educated, and supported approach to health has not only reshaped my own life but has become the cornerstone of how I guide others towards vibrant, toxin-free living. Remember, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure, and with the right knowledge and support, getting healthy and staying healthy can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Getting healthy
and staying healthy
is easy as 1,2,3

  • Get you OUT of the toxins & chemicals.
  • Get the toxins & chemicals out of YOU.
  • Keep your space forever SAFE.


Other Important Things

I've Learned

Keep These In Mind

Living & Working In

An Unsafe Space

LIVING OR WORKING IN AN UNSAFE SPACE:  Your living and working environment significantly impacts your health. Contamination with mold, toxins, and/or chemicals hinders your healing process. How can you expect to recover when constantly exposed to the very thing that's making you sick? You can't.

Addressing the "root cause" head-on is crucial. If you or your loved ones have health issues, then start by examining your home and work environment. Get your body tested. If it's in your body, it's in your space. Period. Identify and rule out potential contributors to your symptoms and work to find the "root cause" of your health problems.

It's Hard to Heal Your Body

Inside of What's Causing Your Problems !!

HIRE YOURSELF AN EXPERT: Have your home and workplace inspected by a reputable professional specializing in mold and environmental toxins. Don't cheap out. Get the best. Ensure they conduct comprehensive testing for all potential issues. And not just mold. Avoid relying on inexpensive hardware store kits, or air samples alone, which lack reliability. (Take it from me ... mine said that my space was safe. It was wrong!)

GET COMPREHESIVE TESTING: Invest wisely in a qualified environmental inspector like a Building Biologist, or Indoor Environmental Professional. They can thoroughly inspect and test every aspect of your space, including mold, EMF's, radon, radiation, and more.

It's essential to get this right ...
from the very start.



Spend the money and
get it done RIGHT.

Cheap IS Expensive !!

Tips & Tricks

While For Fixing Your Health

Insights about how spritizing a fern can cause mold to grow

Looking Back:

What I'd Do Differently

I wish I could go back and do it all over again with the knowledge and information I have today .... because I would have done so many things DIFFERENTLY !! 

LOOKING BACK: I would have focused on the 3 simple steps (outlined below) and made them a huge priority in my life. I know they would have ignited a rippling effect that would have fixed my health in record time.

Insights about how you can get sicker if your environment contains toxins.

HARD LESSONS LEARNED:  My healthcare journey faced unnecessary challenges for over four decades due to an undiagnosed and easily treatable mold allergy. The key to unlocking my health mystery lay in a simple blood test for the HLA-DR gene, a crucial diagnostic tool for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Unfortunately, this test was overlooked by my doctors, delaying the diagnosis and treatment that could have swiftly addressed my condition.

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a progressive, multi-system, multi-symptom illness characterized by exposure to biotoxins. The ongoing inflammation can affect virtually any organ system of the body and if left untreated becomes debilitating.

RECOGNIZING MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE:  Even though mold illness is quite common, doctors are still NOT being taught about it in medical school, which I find ridiculous! In fact, during a recent setback in my health caused by mold exposure, I went to the emergency room at Tampa General Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center nearby. The attending physician not only refused to listen to me, but he also insulted me & dismissed me about my mold illness due to his own ignorance. 

WHEN DOCTORS DON'T LISTEN:  My Emergency Room Doctor admitted to me that he had never heard of CIRS Disease and knew nothing of mold illness at all. He went so far as to even question its legitimacy and told me he "Googled it" and found out it was made up by a bunch of chiropractors. Pffffttt. 

His dismissive attitude, rooted in a lack of knowledge, was not just disheartening, but also alarming. It shed light on the broader issue of medical malpractice and negligence. In situations where healthcare professionals fail to acknowledge or understand certain conditions, patients are not only deprived of safe and effective care, but are also potentially exposed to harm, or worse.

DEMANDING RESPECT: I told him I was a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and CellCore Practitioner and that I had spent 40 years struggling to fix my health and figure this out. To which he said, "Then why are you here?" I asked him where else would one go who was having chest pains and difficulty breathing than to the one place that did the open heart surgery that saved my life? I asked him if I should have gone to a walk-in clinic instead, but he didn't answer me. He simply pivoted and walked away.

Faced with this realization, I understood that I couldn't rely on this doctor for the help I needed. With a heavy heart and a sense of urgency, I left the hospital to seek more informed and empathetic medical care elsewhere. This experience highlighted the vital importance of Patient Advocacy and the need for a more inclusive and informed Healthcare System that recognizes and addresses a broader spectrum of medical conditions.

There is something 
When you know MORE
than Your Doctors does.

DRAWING BOUNDARIES:  I made the firm decision that day to NEVER take any of my Medical Advocacy Patients to Tampa General Hospital for emergency room care - ever again. Such a pity. I also reaffirmed my commitment to ask every doctor I see, "What do you know about CIRS Disease?" If they're unaware, I'll try to educate them. But mostly, I just seek help elsewhere. If your doctor doesn't listen to you, or learn about your condition, it's crucial to get help elsewhere. Find someone who understands. Your life is too precious to risk.

Complex Chronic Illness

& Autoimmune Disease

From Diagnosis to Clarity:

Navigating Challenges & Finding Solutions



The Never Ending
Questions, Questions,
Questions !!

A TON OF QUESTIONS:  After getting diagnosed with mold illness, I faced a multitude of unanswered questions and had to search for solutions on my own. It was a very challenging journey, and I often wished I had guidance and support.

FIGURING IT ALL OUT: I wondered about testing my home and my office, and whether or not to hire a professional or try and do it myself. I was curious about the best testing methods to use, and what steps needed to be taken for proper mold elimination. I also was filled with questions about what to keep, or throw, or how to know which items needed to be replaced. Plus, I need to know how to best detoxify my body. All of these questions weighed on my mind. 

PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF:  Addressing my health issues proved to be a far more arduous journey than I had initially anticipated. The path was riddled with an overwhelming amount of conflicting information and numerous missteps, which not only prolonged the process but also added significantly to the cost and complexity of finding a solution.

However, through this challenging journey, I managed to distill my experiences into three simple, yet profoundly effective steps. These steps became the cornerstone of my success, providing a clear and straightforward framework for regaining control over my health and, by extension, my life. They are a testament to the power of patience and persistence in the face of adversity and confusion, and a reminder that sometimes, the most complex problems have surprisingly simple solutions.

Hopefully YOU Can Learn

From My Mistakes !!

Inspiring Journeys

of Hope & Healing

Discover compelling stories of resilience, growth, and transformative health.

Hear from everyday individuals (just like you) who faced daunting challenges, 

but despite all odds have emerged stronger and healthier than ever before

by detoxing with CellCore Biosciences products & protocols.


Plan Carefully & Prepare Properly in Order to Live … A Better Life !!

Bonnie K. Brown

Board-Certified Patient Advocate
& CellCore Practitioner

Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Seminar Leader working with individuals and organizations to drive down the cost of healthcare - by elevating their health to protect their wealth. By simplifying the complexities of healthcare, she makes the journey to ultimate health seem seamless and achievable.

Bonnie is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate & CellCore Practitioner, dedicated to bridging the gap between Traditional Healthcare and Foundational Medicine. Her approach zeroes in on uncovering the 'root cause' of health issues.

Her award-winning Educational Training and Coaching Programs will teach you all about "Getting Healthy - Made Easy" and enable you to gain the skills & resources you need in order to get to your best wellness possible so that you can live ... A Better Life !!

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