5 Tips for Living … A Better Life !

5 Tips for Living A Better Life

by Bonnie K. Brown

Board-Certified Patient Advocate & CellCore Practitioner

Sick & tired of hearing all the bad news? Got the Coronavirus blues? Frustrated by politics, protests & police brutality? Want to live … A Better Life? It’s possible. All you have to do is reach out and grab it, by focusing on living life to its fullest potential. It goes back to that age-old question. Is your glass half-empty or half-full? How you answer this may very well reflect upon your attitude towards yourself, your life, and whether or not you’re coming from a positive frame of mind, or a negative one.

Did you know that positive thinking can actually reduce your stress and will literally improve your health? Yet we rarely give it a second thought. I wonder why. Studies show that being optimistic and having positive thinking is the key to living well and practicing effective stress management.

Now, I’m not saying that means you need to keep your head in the sand or pretend that life’s unpleasant situations aren’t happening all around you right now. They’re are. And unfortunately, they’re probably not going away anytime soon. Our country is hurting badly right now. The Global Pandemic has got us down and we’re all kind of feeling as if the world is coming apart at the seams. So it’s more important than ever for each and every one of us to focus on our own well-being (both mentally & physically) and living A Better Life®. We need to make it a priority to get to our own best wellness possible. A LOT of that can be accomplished with the power of positive thinking.

There’s a million good reasons for us to want to take good care of ourselves (and those we love) but I think the greatest reason of all is that when you’ve got your health you’ve got everything. Without it, you’ve got nothing! So, take the time you need, right now, to better protect your health and well-being and take good care of yourself. It’s more important now than ever.

1) Be Grateful
There are scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. It improves your physical health and overall well-being by reducing life’s aches and pains and improving your psychological health. It enhances your empathy & reduces aggression, which opens the door to better and more meaningful relationships. It also increases your mental strength and your self-esteem, Plus, studies show that grateful people sleep better and who couldn’t benefit from a good night’s sleep? So spend a few minutes every day acknowledging what it is that you’re grateful for. You know what they say, “It could always be worse.”  So look for the good and the good will come. Stay positive and be grateful for what you already have. It helps.

2) Check Yourself
Finding yourself feeling irritated, impatient, on edge, ticked off, or frustrated with your life throughout the day? Stop and check in with yourself. Take some time to touch base with your feelings and recognize where the problems are coming from. You’re probably overdoing it. You’re overworked and under stress. So take a break. Shake it off. Stretch it out. Walk away, go outside, or try to find something else to put you in a better frame of mind. Give yourself time to gain clarity on the situation. If you don’t stop to recognize your problems and check in with yourself, you will never discover the solutions or work to resolve them. So take a time-out throughout the day to check in with yourself. It matters.

3) Set Good Boundaries

In today’s crazy and complicated world it’s so important to set good boundaries. Self-preservation is the key and we need to practice it daily in order to better protect ourselves from mental anguish and suffering. There is so much negativity going on in our world right now, so work to minimize it. It’s not easy. I know. But try and view your worry realistically. It’s easy to become an alarmist and get sucked into all the negative news & negative thinking. Remember that you are NOT any safer for worrying. Worry will only impede your action and action is essential in order for you to have stability. So turn those worries into planning, preparing & living A Better Life®. I’ve worked very hard to stop watching the news, getting caught up in negative emails, and surrounding myself with negative thinking. I’ve made it a practice to get off the phone quickly when friends & family members start to complain. The minute I heart negativity in my life, I STOP and my “negativity shield” goes up and I do my best to immediately get away from whatever it is that’s coming at me. Try this and see for yourself. When you set good boundaries and you push the negative away, it gives you room to bring in the positivity and remain in a much better frame of mind.

4) Show Kindness
Be kind to yourself and others. It’s an important way to bring meaning into our lives. It also brings great joy to the lives of others around us. So, work to practice compassion with all those around you (especially those in your immediate life) and be compassionate towards yourself as well. The smallest act of kindness can impact someone’s life forever and when kindness is practiced, people’s lives are changed and communities come together. It could be as simple as a smile, or looking someone in the eyes and saying, “thank you, I really appreciate that.” Or, try doing a random act of kindness for others. That will bring you great joy. Start by doing one thing for someone else each and every day. Make it a conscious decision and a habit at the beginning of the day. Determine what that kind act it will be for the day and make time to do it during the day. Don’t know where to start? Simple Google the words, “examples of random acts of kindness.” You’ll get a whole bunch of ideas. Then set out to try each one. You can even keep track of them and remember how good they made you feel when you did them. Giving to others can sometimes be even more profound than giving to yourself.

5) Practice Positivity
Take a deep breath and keep yourself in the “here and now”. Don’t worry about tomorrow. And don’t dwell on the pains of yesterday. Take it one day at a time and one minute at a time, when necessary. Try quieting your mind and remain present and focused on the tasks at hand. Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude of expecting good and favorable results and not getting discouraged when your plans go awry. Life happens. Learn how to pivot and develop resiliency. People with positive attitudes develop a mental capacity that allows them to adapt and overcome any of life’s adversities. So go with the flow, try and remain positive and above all, be optimistic. The more positivity you give, the more you will receive. So begin practice positivity today. It will be worth your time and effort. These five tips for living A Better Life® may not be the answer to all your prayers right away, but I’m sure they’ll help you get on the road to wellness. Pain, suffering, and injustice have become a normal way of life, unfortunately, but how we respond to each of these things throughout our trying times is up to each and every one of us. It’s all a matter of perspective. We can ALL do better.

So, I invite you to imagine all that you are capable of and focus on reaching your full potential. Join me in taking charge of your health and being in control of your life. See how these “5 Tips for A Better Life” are
showing up in your life right now and work to use them effectively respond to what’s going on in the world all around you.

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