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Are You Prepared for Elder Care?

by: Bonnie K. Brown

When most people go through major changes in life, whether it’s new parenthood, college, graduation etc., there is a period of learning and preparation involved. Ironically, when it comes to caregiving and elder care issues, that same preparation and attention to detail is just not there. Although the majority of us will be caregivers at some point in our lives, very few of us are prepared for the realities of that situation.

No matter where you live, aging is an expensive proposition. More and more frequently, parents are having to rely on their adult children to bear the expenses for their care. With Americans living longer than ever before and health care costs on the rise, it’s critical that we take the steps necessary to prepare for this time period, in order to avoid financial devastation. Having a Care Plan in place is essential for survival.

A Better Life™, LLC helps clients prepare for aging and develops Care Plans for family members that will chart the best course of action, while providing contingency plans for the what-if’s in life. We help family members find the most affordable solutions for meeting their care needs. Call us today at 727-522-1975 for a Free Consultation and learn how a Care Plan can help you prepare for one of the most expensive times in your life.

Here is a heartwarming story from CNN about a daughter who is caring for her 96-year-old father with dementia, who now requires 24 hour care.

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