CellCore: The Single Biggest Mistake Most People Make

Roadmap to Excellent Health

Do You Know the #1 Mistake That Most People Make
And What You Can Do To Avoid Making It Too?

A lot of people have a problem: they’re frustrated & fed up by our pandemic and worried sick about the Coronavirus. Weak & weary, stressed & strained, all they want to do is get their old life back on track, and return their lives to “normal”. You know, the way things used to be. Except there is no going back. Not now. Not ever. It’s way too late for that. Change is here ... and here to stay.

The #1 mistake that most people make is asking themselves, When will things get back to NORMAL? That’s the wrong question to ask right. Instead, it’s far better to ask, What can I do (right now) to get myself to excellent health, so that I can avoid getting sick in the first place, or recover more quickly?

Board-Certified Patient Advocate & CellCore Sciences Practitioner, Bonnie K. Brown, CEO and founder of A Better Life – Health & Wellness® teaches that “If you want to survive in today’s crazy and complicated Healthcare System, you’ve got to have a mind shift and become more proactive about your health, instead of being reactive to it. You cannot wait until you get sick. You’ve got to build a roadmap to excellent health NOW and focus on boosting your immune system before it’s too late.”

What’s worse, she says, is that most people are putting all their blind faith and trust into their Doctor’s hands, and they really shouldn’t be. Why not? Because their Doctors are making harmful mistakes … to the tune of them becoming the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

If that’s not bad enough, over 3.65 million people suffer serious complications each year due to these mistakes. In fact, more people die from the treatment itself, than from the disease they are seeking treatment for. This means you can no longer put your life into your Doctor’s hands, or give them complete control over your health because it can literally kill you!

Of course, everybody knows that they need to get healthy and most everyone knows they need to boost their immune system to do this. But nobody knows “How To” to do that, exactly, given the fact that each one of us is unique and has a different set of medical needs. So where should we begin, we asked? “Simple” Bonnie said, “You can’t solve your problem until you EXACTLY what your problem is. So you need to begin with a comprehensive Health Assessment that can identify the areas of weakness in your body. Then you can work to improve each and every one.”

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Bonnie offers a FREE comprehensive Health Assessment. There are 21 separate categories. Take it and see how you rank for mitochondrial function, drainage dysfunction susceptibility, minerals & electrolytes, blood sugar, stomach, small intestine, colon, intestinal permeability, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, parasites, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), lyme disease risks, lyme, babesia, bartonella, general toxicity, radioactive elements, mercury toxicity, lead toxicity, and mycotoxins.

Learn what’s really going on inside your body at the cellular and mitochondria level. Use the information to improve your health and boost your immunity. “This CellCore Biosciences Health Assessment is the most comprehensive one that I have ever seen”, says Bonnie. “It gives you a roadmap to excellent health and is the perfect starting point. It will help you identify the weakness that is in your body. That’s priceless! There’s no comparison. I recommend it for everyone.”


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Health Assessment

Getting to Your BEST Wellness Possible

      • Healthcare is rapidly changing & we're stuck trying to figure it out on our own.
      • It's so frustrating & confusing to have so much contradictory information.
      • It feels nearly impossible to get to an evidence-based diagnosis.
      • Once diagnosed, nobody seems to know how to eliminate our disease completely.
      • Medications only seem to manage our symptoms & cause unpleasant side effects.
      • We've got harmful toxins & chemicals hidden in our food, water, and air supply.
      • We know that we need to detoxify our bodies but have no idea how to do that.
      • Even though we make good choices & do all the right things we still don't feel our best.
      • We need a proven system for getting ourselves to our best wellness possible.

Heal Your Body From The Inside Out

CellCore Biosciences brings you the world's most comprehensive, science-based supplements that can help you detoxify your body & revitalize your health from the inside out. They'll get you to your best wellness possible by addressing the "Root Cause" of your illness.

Their supplements work to improve your body's mitochondria function, which is the powerhouse of your cells. This enables you to look and feel your absolute best and will help reach your ultimate health, in record time. After decades of struggling with her health, this is what finally helped Bonnie K. Brown fix her body.

3 Inconvenient Truths About Healthcare:

      • You can't fix your Healthcare Struggles until you figure out "How To" fix your Health.
      • You can't fix your Health until you figure out “How To” fix the Cells in your Body.
      • You can't fix the Cells in your Body until you know where to go and what to do.

It's a vicious cycle, she explained. Our traditional Healthcare System doesn't have prescription medications that will eliminate chronic illness at the cellular level. In fact, most people don't even know that their healthcare troubles begin and end there. But Bonnie learned that the hard way. She also learned that ALL prescription medications cause side effects of some sort, which can leave you with more medical issues than you started with.

Most people try to fix their body, but just give up in the end, thinking it's just not possible to completely eliminate their disease. All they do is take a pill for any ill to tamp down the symptoms. “In fact, I used to think that way, too”, Bonnie explained. “Until I discovered the power of CellCore Biosciences natural supplements and learned that I COULD eliminate my chronic illness, completely & naturally. Even if that illness started decades ago. That's when I truly began to get on the road to wellness and everything changed for me and why I became a CellCore Practitioner.”

She learned that a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. And warns others, do NOT wait until you get sick to make your health a top priority. Take the time right NOW to improve your health, so that you don’t have to take the time to be sick later. Getting healthy is hard. Being sick is hard. “Pick your hard”, she says.

For more information about A Better Life’s – Educational Training & Coaching Programs, or their CellCore Biosciences “At Home Program”, please visit: https://abetterlife.me/cellcore/ today. To contact Bonnie K. Brown, please email: info@abetterlife.me.

Immune Support: Discover The 8 Ways To Wellness And What They Have To Do With Immune Support

Board-Certified Patient Advocate, Bonnie K. Brown, began learning about the importance of advocacy at a very young age. Caring for her great-grandmother and younger sister with downs syndrome, she learned all about the challenges that come when caring for others. Having her own medical issues taught her all about the challenges that come when caring for yourself.

As the CEO and founder of A Better Life – Health & Wellness® Bonnie now helps others to simplify their healthcare and get to their best wellness possible. Despite what most people think, she says, “It’s NOT just about fixing your body, because so many other areas of your life become affected when you’re not well. It all has a domino effect.”

The key to success, she says, when it comes to your health & well-being, is to learn how to better manage your health in an integrated way and focus on all the individual parts & pieces. The Framework that she developed to do this is called the 8 Ways to Wellness. It’s the basis of her award-winning Self-Advocacy System and the foundation to her Educational Training & Coaching Programs.


      • Physical Wellness
        Physical Wellness is about your ability to fix your body and maintain a healthy quality of life. It’s about adopting healthier lifestyle habits, making better choices, and learning how to avoid the destructive behaviors that take away from your ability to achieve optimal wellness.
      • Financial Wellness
        Financial Wellness is your ability to pay for the healthcare you receive and not a penny more than is absolutely necessary. It’s about becoming better protected against key financial risks, such as loss of income (due to illness or injury) or out-of-pocket medical expenses when unexpected health events arise.
      • Organizational Wellness
        Organizational Wellness is your ability to organize and maintain your important healthcare. It’s about making things easier for you (and your loved ones) during your time of need. Keeping your medical records organized will enable you to better coordinate your medical providers, track your progress more efficiently, and navigate through the medical maze with greater ease.
      • Environmental Wellness
        Environmental Wellness is about keeping your home safe in terms of the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air that you breathe. It’s about identifying and eliminating the hazards that surround you and preventing further illnesses and injuries from happening.
      • Legal Wellness
        Legal Wellness is your ability to understand the rules, regulations, laws, rights, and protections for your healthcare and long-term care. It’s about having your final affairs in order and Advance Directives in place. It’s about choosing the right Healthcare Proxy to step in and act on your behalf, which is especially important now during the pandemic.
      • Emotional Wellness
        Emotional Wellness is your ability to get into the right state of mind in order to heal. It’s about being resilient, and better coping with the challenges you face. It’s about managing your stress & anger, frustration & sorrow, disappointment, despair, and fear. It’s about believing that you are strong enough to get through the toughest of times and resilient enough to survive.
      • Social Wellness
        Social Wellness is your ability to relate to, interact with, and connect with other people around you. To give and receive help. To have good communication, meaningful relationships, and access to support in and around your community.
      • Spiritual Wellness
        Spiritual Wellness is the firm belief that you can get better, and you will get better once again. It’s about your beliefs, values, principles, morals, and religious faith. It’s about finding the inner calm and peace to get through life’s challenges and the will to survive even in the face of great difficulty.

Boost Your Immune System Today

While these 8 Ways to Wellness offer a wonderful and integrated approach to managing your day-to-day medical affairs, the one thing that Bonnie stresses (over and over again) is that, “nothing, absolutely NOTHING is as important as your ability to PREVENT illness from happening in the first place. It’s far easier to be proactive and stay healthy than to be reactive and struggle to fix your body.”

NOW is the time to shield yourself (and your family) from our current global health crisis. Air pollution, water contamination, herbicides, and processed foods act against your body's natural ability to fight against harmful threats. “The best thing that you can do to protect yourself right now from getting a cold, the flu, or a virus, is to build up your immune system. The healthier you are on the inside, the better chance you have for fighting off whatever’s coming at you on the outside.”


When Bonnie first began to boost her immune system, she turned to Purium Health Products for help. “Food that’s convenient is often filled with artificial and genetically modified ingredients that can destroy your health. If you want to get well and stay well, you’ve got to feed your body with the best food and nutrition that nature has to offer.”

Get a FREE $50 Gift Card

Get a FREE $50 Gift Card

Purium is a great place to start. With over 100 products to choose from “there’s something there for everyone.” A Better Life offers a FREE $50 Gift Card on first-time purchases of $75 or more. Coupon applied instantly. No expiration. Free shipping on orders of $250 or more. 60-day money-back guarantee, plus 25% off all orders of $200 or more (which equals MORE than the $50 discount.) Use coupon code “GIFT” at checkout.

Your Greatest Wealth ... Is Health!

All too often Bonnie hears moans & complaints when she talks about adopting a healthier lifestyle & diet. They say it’s a hassle. They say it’s an inconvenience. They say they’d rather microwave something from a box or enjoy some take-out food rather than hassle with cooking something healthy that’s been grown in the ground.

They complain that good food is expensive. But she knows, first hand, that it’s definitely not. It’s all a matter of perspective, she says “Medical bills are expensive. Medications are expensive. Missed days at work are really expensive.” She would know. With over $350,000 spent in out-of-pocket costs and 17 operations to date (with 4 more still to go), getting healthy it’s far LESS expensive than the cost of ongoing healthcare.

“You know what they say ... an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Time and health are the two precious assets that most people don’t recognize until they’re gone. “Learning how to be healthy isn’t as hard as learning how to be sick, that’s for sure. Work to build up your immunities and stay OUT of the Healthcare System. You’ll be glad you did!”

For more information about A Better Life’s – Educational Training & Coaching Programs, or Purium Health Products, please visit https://abetterlife.me today. To contact Bonnie K. Brown, email: info@abetterlife.me.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Life is full of millions of miracles. All you have to do is look around to find them. They’re there. They’re always there. All around you. Sometimes we get so bogged down in our day-to-day affairs that we simply don’t remember to look-up (or look around) to find them. So take a moment today to look for one. Just one. That’s all you need for today. One tiny miracle around you.

Find one today. Then another one tomorrow. Then another one the day after that. And the day after that. And soon enough you’ll find enough miracles in your life and all around you without having to try so hard. They’ll just appear before you. It’s amazing what happens when you actually go looking for something. You find a lot of things along the way. Suddenly you see life differently. It’s like when you buy a new car and all of the sudden you see so many other shiny new cars out there, and some that are just like yours.

When you use the power of positive thinking, your perspective of life will change. You’ll feel happier inside. Less stressed out. More content with your life. You’ll see. It won’t be quite so hard if you’re taking time away from your daily struggles to look for your daily miracles. So give yourself that time-out to go out there and give thanks to the little miracles that are all around you. Remember, tiny moments when added up can lead to big changes.

As workers, caregivers, parents, and spouses … our day-to-day jobs are endless and so many times the tasks we take on are thankless. We get mired down by our daily grind and focus only on our “To Do” List. Our worries and fears are font and center in our minds each day, so much so that deep down inside we’re thinking to ourselves, “Is this it? Is this the best my life is ever going to be? How did it come to this? This isn’t what I wanted or signed up for.”

Our thoughts and actions create the perspective we have of ourselves and of the world around us. The most powerful force we have to living A Better Life® is the power of positive thinking. When we do NOT allow ourselves to become drained unnecessarily by all the negative things in our lives, life gets better.

I know. I know. There’s a lot of negativity all around us right now. Each and every day. I get it. It’s been a tough year for sure and it’s hard not to get caught up in the news or dragged down by the Coronavirus Pandemic and the implosion it’s caused in our lives. Life is changing rapidly in the world around us and so much of it feels like its spinning out of control. It’s like the world has gone mad. You may not be able to change the circumstances around you, or the thoughts, behaviors & actions of those in your life, but you can work to change the way you think about them and the way you react to them. You cannot stop the waves of life sometime, but you can learn how to surf and go with the flow.

So, begin looking for the positive things in your life today. Things that will help you lead to a more abundant life. Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it will powerful thoughts, your life will start to change. So, here’s to finding your many miracles of life! Get up and get going. Turn the news off and the possibilities on. Go hunting for something special and I promise that you will find it. In a sunrise. Or a sunset. Or somewhere over the rainbow. Your miracle is out there waiting for you right now. Go find it. Then enjoy it.

Always remember – Life is the Sum of the Choices You Make … so Plan Carefully & Prepare Properly … in order to Live A Better Life®. For a Free Guidebook called, “The #1 THING to Do to Stop Worrying Fast” visit A Better Life at https://abetterlife.me/.

Here’s to having a miraculous day!