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CellCore Biosciences

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Microbe Formulas

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For CellCore Biosciences, please go to and sign-up using Patient Direct Code = 8EAxRMON. (Allow 24 hours for your automatic 15% discount to be set-up.)

For Microbe Formulas, please go to and enter Coupon Code = HEALTHY1 at checkout. No set-up necessary. You can use the code right away!

CellCore Biosciences


Microbe Formulas

What's the Difference?

CellCore Biosciences is the Practitioner Division of the parent company called Microbe Formulas. It has more than double the amount of products available and was specifically created to offer a deeper detox experience through a trained professional.

Microbe Formulas is the Parent Company to CellCore Biosciences. It has less products available and was created to offer a beginner's detox journey. I offer a discount code for Microbe Formulas, because at times CellCore Biosciences may be out-of-stock and you may be able to purchase your items (under a different name) through Microbe Formulas.

How to Sign-up with
CellCore Biosciences

Go Here and do this!

Just CLICK HERE and go to
Put Patient Direct Code 8EAxRMON on the 1st line.
Enter your first name on the 2nd line.
Enter your last name on the 3rd line.
Enter your email address on the 4th line.
Enter the password you want to use on the 5th line.
Enter the same password again on the 6th line.
Click on the "Signup" Button.

Here's what the form looks like:

4 Great Resources

That can help you:

1) Free Consultation
2) Free Health Assessment
3) Free Analysis
4) Free Info Portal

Getting Healthy Made Easy!

1) FREE Consultation - (by Phone or Zoom), so if you’d like to chat for a few minutes about CellCore’s products, pricing, or protocols, or even talk about your health & wellness goals, please click on this link and let’s connect:

2) FREE Health Assessment - from CellCore Biosciences. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of 21 different areas of your body that are graded by color & number. Red is for the “danger zone”. Yellow is for the “caution zone”. And green is for the “safety zone”. As soon as I see you in my portal, I’ll also email you this Free Health Assessment, so please check your in-box for it.

3) FREE Analysis - of your Health Assessment, where I take all of the results from the 21 different categories that have been tested on your body, and I combine it together with CellCore’s 3 top areas of concern. Then, I whittle it all down into one simple, easy-to-understand assessment that I provide to you. Having this Analysis will help you understand everything that’s going on deep inside your body at the cellular (and mitochondria) level.

4) FREE CellCore Information Portal - through my main website that has some excellent content in it, as some amazing Success Stories as well. It even has a couple of Bonus Training Videos waiting for you there (right now) from the Doctors who founded CellCore Biosciences & their parent company, Microbe Formulas. You can go there now: Just enter your name & email address and I’ll send you an email back with a login and temporary password to access the portal.

You Deserve To Feel Great
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Plan Carefully & Prepare Properly in Order to Live … A Better Life®
Bonnie K. Brown
Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach & Seminar Leader. She’ll teach you "How To" better Advocate for yourself and give you the tools and resources you need to simplify healthcare. As a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner, she’ll help you get to the "root cause" of your illness and detoxify your body to remove the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals lurking there. She'll show you how to fix your health, eliminate your disease, and get to your best wellness possible. Her award-winning Educational Training & Coaching Programs will give you peace of mind & help you reach your Ultimate Health.

Our Mission
Getting You To Your Best Wellness Possible

Our mission is to help as many people as possible learn “How To” better Advocate for themselves in order to live ... A Better Life !!  We'll show you how to maneuver through the medical maze and take control of your health. We'll help you to detoxify your body by using the wonderful products from CellCore Biosciences & Microbe Formulas. Their supplements & protocols will help you find the “root cause” solutions to common system imbalances. Let us help you get well (and stay well) through the magic of Carbon Technology and let us help you bridge the gap between Traditional Healthcare and Functional Medicine.