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Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to rapid, direct access to the revolutionary protocols and products you've come to love and need to take control of your health journey.

At FX Med, they believe that true wellness starts from within, which is why they are partnering with A Better Life - Health & Wellness to offer you a range of CellCore Biosciences solutions, meticulously designed to support your body's natural vitality.

Their commitment to your health is why they've streamlined their distribution process to provide you with fast, reliable shipping directly to your doorstep, whether you're in the bustling heart of Sydney or the serene landscapes of Auckland.

FxMed Benefits

and How It Works:

Fast Shipping Across Australia and New Zealand: No longer do you need to contend with extended shipping times. Their optimized logistics ensure that the premium range of CellCore Biosciences products is at your door swiftly when you need them.

Comprehensive Support: Each CellCore product is backed by extensive research and our dedicated team of health professionals at FX Med is always ready to assist you with the right advice on product usage and protocol applications.

Tailored Wellness: Understanding that each individual's path to wellness is unique, we offer personalized consultations to help you tailor your CellCore protocol that aligns with your specific wellness goals and ensure your orders go through smoothly with FxMed.

CellCore Supplements: From detoxification to nutrient absorption, our carefully selected CellCore products span the full spectrum of health needs. Explore CellCore's collection to find aids for digestion, immune support, energy enhancement, and more.

Why Choose FX Med 

for CellCore Supplements?

Doctor-Formulated, Research-Driven: At FX Med, they stand behind products that have a solid foundation in scientific research and development. CellCore Biosciences' commitment to product efficacy and safety is in line with their mission to facilitate health breakthroughs for their customers.

No Hassle, No Wait: They've streamlined your path to well-being by eliminating the wait. With FX Med, you can start benefiting from the transformative effects of CellCore Biosciences' range without the delay.

CellCore has hand chosen them to be an internaional distributor. So, take your first step towards enhanced well-being with FX Med and CellCore Biosciences today.

Explore the CellCore products they carrry, find your perfect health protocol, and embark upon a journey to vibrant health with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing the best is within reach.

FxMed customer service woman in blue business suit shrugging with a questioning expression.
What CellCore Biosciences
Doesn't FxMed Carry?

There are some products that FxMed is unable to sell direclty to you. Their suggested alternatives are:

  • Advanced TUDCA – this contains melatonin so we are unable to stock it, suggested alternative is TUDCA by BodyBio.
  • Bowel Mover – this contains senna and artemisia which are restricted in NZ, suggested alternatives to consider are Trifal or Trifal Drops Adult by Ayush Herbs.

Then anything with fiber will facilitate elimination through the bowels as long as there is sufficient water intake, so FiberMend or Arabinex by Thorne.

  • IS-BAB, IS-BART and IS-BORR – these all contain artemisia annua which is restricted in NZ. For CellCore’s Comprehensive Protocol, Phase 5, CellCore have recommended that Practitioners just do 1 month of IS-BOOST instead of the 4 month protocol with the other IS products.

You can contact Customer Service at FxMed: orders@fxmed.co.nz and use our Account Number: AU29436 ... or contact us A Better Life - Health & Wellness to help you with your order.

Redefining Health

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Bonnie K. Brown

Board-Certified Patient Advocate
& CellCore Practitioner

Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Seminar Leader working with individuals and organizations to drive down the cost of healthcare - by elevating their health to protect their wealth. By simplifying the complexities of healthcare, she makes the journey to ultimate health seem seamless and achievable.

Bonnie is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate & CellCore Practitioner, dedicated to bridging the gap between Traditional Healthcare and Foundational Medicine. Her approach zeroes in on uncovering the 'root cause' of health issues.

Her award-winning Educational Training and Coaching Programs will teach you all about "Getting Healthy - Made Easy" and enable you to gain the skills & resources you need in order to get to your best wellness possible so that you can live ... A Better Life !!

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At A Better Life - Health & Wellness, our mission - where health meets wealth - is to guide individuals & organizations towards their pinnacle of health. Seamlessly bridging the gap between Traditional Healthcare and that of Foundational Medicine, we create a unique approach to wellness that maximized the value of every healthcare dollar spent.

Our focus on healthcare navigation & detoxification equips you with the essential skills & resources needed to save valuable time, money, and energy. We're dedicated to the philosophy of 'Getting Healthy - Made Easy.'

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