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 Helping You LIVE  A Better Life 

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by better understanding HOW to navigate through the Healthcare System.

I had to learn Medical Advocacy  the hard way!!

As a result, I made a LOT of mistakes and had a LOT of regrets.

Learn how  I became theACCIDENTAL ADVOCATE and used my first-hand experience to help others  Get Their LIFE  Together   and navigate through our complicated Medical Maze.

Why You MUST  Become an Advocate For Yourself and  Your Loved Ones.

The Average Doctor Visit Lasts ONLY  8 Minutes!

Did you know that your Doctor spends almost 40% of their time doing your paperwork?

With only 8 minutes  to spend on the future of YOUR health, you can NOT  afford to waste another minute.

Learn HOW  to speak the language of healthcare, quickly and easily, in order to get ALL of your needs met … and ALL of your questions answered.

3.65  MILLION  People Suffer from  PREVENTABLE  Medical Errors Each Year.

  • Over 1 million will be SERIOUSLY HARMED  (more than 2,700 a day!)
  • Over 440,000 will DIE  (more than 1,200 a day!)
  • A Doctor shortage is coming with 100,000 LESS Doctors than we’ll need.

No One Else Will Advocate for You. You MUST Take Control.

  • You deserve access to the best  healthcare possible.
  • You have the power  to take your life back and gain control over your own health.
  • You can learn how  to use advocacy to fix  your health and live A Better Life™.
  • You can learn how to get to superior  medical outcomes at every stage of life.
  • You can have the confidence in knowing  that you are getting the best care possible for the lowest possible price.
Who is Bonnie K. Brown?

Medical Advocate, Certified Medicaid Planner™ Certified Life Coach

Bonnie is passionate  about helping others navigate the many challenges of life. She founded A Better Life after dealing with her own  healthcare issues and experiencing the devastating effects that come when you’re NOT fully prepared for life’s medical emergencies.

Her first-hand experience and hands-on expertise in the healthcare industry provides valuable  insight and incredible  wisdom to help others save time, money, and energy.

She knows the many pitfalls to avoid and the strategies necessary to succeed.

After providing professional Medical Advocacy services on a one-to-one basis for more than 15 years, Bonnie recognized the growing need to HELP others on a much larger scale. Now, she is sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and expertise through her online Educational Training & Coaching Programs.

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Discover What You’ll Learn in this Guidebook

You’ll receive my  FREE  44-page Guidebook and complimentary Audio Book

My Story of Struggle & Success

My healthcare struggles were EPIC and I am very passionate about everyone learning how to Advocate for themselves in order to fix their lives and improve their health.

After spending $250,000 expectantly, I set out on a mission to reduce  my medical costs.

Learn how I saved over $100,000 in medical costs in my first year alone!

My Promise to You

This Guidebook promises to teach YOU  a revolutionary new  way to take charge of your health,  by using a Self-Advocacy System. It’s a paint-by-number, take you by the hand, step-by-step approach, that’s quick and easy to use.

This system will help YOU  get in control             (and stay in control) of your  health.

The Results I Achieved that YOU Can Too!

My Self-Advocacy System transforms  lives.  You’ll learn that Life is the Sum of the Choices You Make  … and that’s it’s only a matter of time till YOU  have your own medical challenges, too.

The key is in Planning Carefully and Preparing Properly  in order to live A Better Life™.

Medical Summary Report

A Medical Summary Report  can change your life! It’s a healthcare snapshot that enables you to communicate more effectively with your doctor.

A Medical Organizer  can be a real life-saver, too.

Learn how important it is for you to have your ownMedical Organizing System that stores your medical records, important documents, and quickly enables you to access vital  information.

The Myths Dispelled

There are a LOT of myths out there when it comes to your healthcare. Contrary to public opinion:

  • You’ll learn that the doctor is NOT in charge.
  • Marcus Welby NO longer exists.
  • Technology DOESN’T make it easier.
  • Doctors DON’T know everything.
  • Your healthcare is much like the WHEEL on a car.

The New Solution

The  8 Ways to Wellness  is the basis of my Self-Advocacy System.  It goes far  beyond the traditional mechanics of what it will take to just “fix”  your body.

Instead, it focuses on the BIGGER picture of your health, and enables you  to get to your  best wellness possible.

Finding Your OWN  Way to Wellness

Your 8 Ways to Wellness will enable you to gain more confidence and control over the process itself, quickly adjust to any changes, and enable you to get to your best wellness possible.

You’ll learn more about the author, our legal disclaimers, and why we would love  to hear from you!

Stories of Other People Like You

Over the years, I’ve trained many ordinary  people, just like you, to make extraordinary  changes in   their lives.

Hear some of their incredible true  stories and learn about the great powers  of Self-Advocacy.

This Guidebook will save you time, money and energy, but also enable you to overcome obstacles that you once thought were impossible!

Download my FREE Guidebook and begin to Get Your LIFE  Back on Track!

You will also be given immediate  access to my Audio Book for Get Your Life Together™.

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