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Patient Direct Code = 8EAxRMON


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After you opt-in using the patient direct code = 8EAxRMON, and once we see you in our CellCore Biosciences Practitioner Portal, we'll email you our Welcome Letter where we outline the 3 FREE Resources available to you. First, we'll send you a FREE Health Assessment. (It's not automatic. We have to click a few buttons to do it, but we'll do it ASAP). Meanwhile, please add: to your safe sender's list so that our emails reach you automatically and don't end up in your spam folder. Next, we'll send you a FREE Recap Report. And finally, we'll offer you a FREE Consultation.

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Use Patient Direct Code = 8EAxRMON


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To get to the "root cause" of your issues, all you have to do is just click away. Let this FREE Health Assessment help you determine what's going on deep inside your body at the "root cause" of the issues. Simply click on the answers to the questions and the the assessment will score itself automatically. It's like magic! Then, look at the total scores to see what color it they're in.

You'll be able to see how many categories you've got in the red "danger zone", yellow "caution zone" and green "safety zone". Once you finish, you'll be able to tally up the Health Assessment results to determine your top areas of concern. It's the perfect place to begin when trying to determine what steps to get to your best wellness possible. 

Several of the question repeat themselves (some symptoms show up under several categories) so just answer them the same. Also, answser for symptoms in the past year or so, and the severity if you weren't taking other medications or supplements to help tamp them down.

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Box displaying "Assessment Form Results" from CellCore Biosciences Health Assessment with indications for SIBO and Leaky Gut in red for danger, and Stomach in yellow for caution.

We'll Let You Know

What the Top 3 Areas

of Concern Are

Use these

to help you

to get to the "Root Cause"

of your Problems.

Here's the 21 Categories it Tests

This Health Assessment is from CellCore Biosciences,  provider of the world's highest quality detoxification system. It's the most comprehensive Health Assessment on the planet, with 436 questions, in 21 different categories. Just click on the answers and it scores itself automatically.

It's graded by color and number, too. Red is for danger, yellow for caution, and green is for the safety" zone. It's a wonderful way to determine what's going on deep inside your body and get to the "root cause" of your issues. When your Health Assessment is complete, I will email you a copy of your results in a pdf format. 

Please share our information with others. We're on a mission to help as many people as possible to get to their best wellness possible.


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We'll set your account up to get 10% off all products & protocols and will be happy answer any questions about CellCore Biosciences products, pricing, and protocols.

Let us show you how to remove the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals that are dragging your body down and are  getting in your way. 

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