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Bonnie K. Brown • CEO & Founder

Bonnie K. Brown is a Board Certified Patient Advocate & Certified Medicaid Planner who provides Educational Training & Coaching Programs to teach people how to take the hassles out of healthcare. She helps those who are struggling with Healthcare or Long-Term Care. She is an Author, Speaker, Coach & Seminar Leader who focuses on making aging easier and far more affordable. Winner of the AARP Caregiver Accelerator Pitch Competition, -Bonnie is the creator of A Better Life’s® – Medical Organizer (which simplifies medical record-keeping) and “GO” Bag (which is filled with “creature comforts” and other items to help make medical visits more comfortable & tolerable).

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A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Navigating the 

Labyrinth of Healthcare 

with Bonnie K. Brown

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Revolutionary Approach to Healthcare

Bonnie K. Brown, the founder of A Better Life - Health & Wellness, is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, CellCore Biosciences Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach with an exceptional acumen in healthcare navigation and detoxification. Her impressive resume has garnered her noteworthy press and media coverage, highlighting her as a luminary in the healthcare sector.

Bonnie's journey in the healthcare industry began under trying circumstances. As a child, she found herself thrown into the role of a caregiver after losing her great-grandmother and her mother within the span of a week. She then assumed responsibility for her younger siblings, one of whom has Down's Syndrome and required intensive medical care. This experience cultivated her awareness of the labyrinthine nature of the healthcare system and the power of advocacy.

Her sister's ongoing medical challenges further propelled her into becoming a Certified Medicaid Planner, diving deep into the complexities of Medicaid and disability services. Bonnie's professional career also includes an illustrious stint as a competitive Jet Skier, which unbeknownst to her, set her on a course for significant health challenges. Bonnie's personal experiences as a patient, caregiver, and healthcare professional serve as a comprehensive backdrop for her expertise in healthcare navigation.

A Pioneering Vision for Improved Healthcare

When it comes to navigating the convoluted healthcare landscape, few are as well-equipped as Bonnie. Over the years, she has undergone 17 major surgeries, dealing with a prolonged and complicated illness that eluded diagnosis for decades. The ordeal cost her over $400,000 and brought her to the brink of death—twice. Having emerged stronger and wiser, she decided to extend her insights and practical strategies to those facing similar hardships.

Bonnie's approach to healthcare is holistic and deeply empathetic.

She understands the hassles, complexities, and vulnerabilities that patients face. Her patented Self-Advocacy System™ provides practical tools to manage healthcare more efficiently, from understanding insurance benefits to maintaining organized medical records. This revolutionary system offers a ray of hope for individuals drowning in the intricacies of healthcare.

A Profound Impact

Bonnie's impact isn't limited to individual patients; she also collaborates with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help employers optimize healthcare benefits, thereby reducing costs. By doing so, she's offering systemic solutions that have a ripple effect, extending the benefits of her expertise beyond individual lives to entire organizations. This has been a key factor in getting press coverage for her ground-breaking approach.

A Better Life - Health & Wellness isn't just about surviving the healthcare system; it's about thriving despite its challenges. Bonnie’s "8 Ways to Wellness" and her "10 Essentials for Healthcare Navigation" are tried-and-true methods that have improved healthcare experiences for many. Whether you’re trying to secure a timely medical appointment or comprehend the intricacies of health insurance, her comprehensive guidance is invaluable.

Bonnie aims to make room for quality care in a system often bereft of it. Her firm belief is that with the right tools and understanding, anyone can navigate the healthcare system, not just to get by but to achieve the best possible medical outcomes.

Looking to the Future

In the age of escalating healthcare costs and increasingly complex treatment protocols, Bonnie K. Brown stands as a beacon of hope. Her mission is to make healthcare less about frustration and more about solutions. She has penned an acclaimed book, "Simplifying Healthcare – 5 Steps To Take The Hassles OUT of Healthcare," which serves as a step-by-step guide to reclaiming your health.

If you find yourself lost in the perplexing maze of healthcare, or simply seek a more effective way to manage your well-being, consider Bonnie K. Brown and A Better Life - Health & Wellness as your compass. Together, you can embark on a transformative journey that not only improves your health but enhances your quality of life.

Bonnie’s message is clear: you don't have to navigate the healthcare system alone. In a world where healthcare challenges often meet frustrations rather than solutions, her mission is to empower you to reclaim your health and embrace A Better Life® filled with vitality, hope, and wellness.


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