7-Day Challenge”
Medical Organizer

(19 Essential Forms)

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The 7-Day Challenge Medical Organizer includes 19 of the most important forms you’ll ever need to get started in building an essential foundation.

Use this Medical Organizer of the course to help you to become your own best advocate and better maneuver through the medical maze.

Includes: Emergency ID Card, Dr. Visit Checklist, List of Medications, Medical History, Annual Deductibles & Out-of-Pocket Costs.

To see an overview of the ary portal –  where your FREE 7-Day Challenge Digital Medical Organizer awaits!  Simply click on “Start Course” and your download will be located in the first section called “7-Day Challenge” Digital Medical Organizer  – PDF Download” Click on that title and your download will be located on the right hand side of the page called 7-Day Challenge Digital Medical Organizer.”  Click on the blue link (7-Day-Challenge_Medical_Organizer) and your PDF will automatically open. It is fillable & downloadable, so you can view it, enter your information, print it out, and save it to your computer.7-Day Challenge Medical Organizer Click here.


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A Better Life® “7-Day Challenge” Medical Organizer© is the 7-Day challenge Organizer that provides an easy way to simplify your essential medical information, take control of your health, and become your own best advocate.  Complete with Important Checklists, Doctor Visit, Health Insurance & Advance Directives Guides, this Medical Organizer makes healing so much easier.  Its Easy-To-Use-Worksheets helps you to take the hassle out of Healthcare.

The “7-Day Challenge” Medical Organizer© from A Better Life® includes 19 of our most important Forms that you’ll need to get started and building yourself an essential foundation.  Includes Doctor Visit Checklist, List of Medications & Supplements, List of Allergies, Past Medical Events, List of Doctors, List of Pharmacies, My Medical History, Family Medical History, Medical Summary Report & Health Insurance Coverage.  It’s simple and practical, gives you complete control and will save you a ton of time, money & energy.  But the best part of all is that it’s completely customizable.  With Free Downloaded online Forms, you can set it up any way you want and as your health changes, it will change with you.

No more last-minute searching for important information. Plus, it’s great in an emergency, as all you have to do is grab-n-go!  No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, A Better Life® “7-Day Challenge” Medical Organizer© will help you keep track of all medical expenses, catch medical billing errors, reduce overall costs create an accurate healthcare history in a matter of minutes and make every penny count.

Above all it will help you to plan carefully, prepare properly and live A Better Life!


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7-Day Challenge”
Medical Organizer

(19 Essential Forms)

Free with course enrollment !!

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