Simplifying Healthcare
7-Day Challenge


Introductory Training Program


The Simplifying Healthcare – 7-Day Challenge is a hands-on workshop that teaches you “How To” get to your best wellness possible. We’ll help you gain confidence, capability & control with instructional videos, useful worksheets, and a live Q&A Session. You’ll create a special Medical Organizing System that puts the power of Advocacy into the palm of your hands. It’s a simple & easy, done-for-you solution. We’ll walk you through it step-by-step (and day-by-day) so that you can quickly take control over your health & live … A Better Life!

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The Surviving Healthcare – 7-Day Challenge helps you make the most of your Doctor Visits & Telehealth Calls and gets you 911-Ready. Our special Healthcare Navigation System enables you to better advocate for yourself (and those you love) in order to get to exceptional medical outcomes.

By the end of this 7-Day Challenge, you’ll have a “Starter” Medical Organizer in place that will enable you to better manage your health, lower your out-of-pocket costs, improve communication with your Doctors, give you the skills you need to get to an evidence-base diagnosis, and begin uncovering the “root cause” of your illness.

This 7-Day Challenge is perfect for anyone who’s looking to make healthcare easier & far more affordable. It’s also perfect for caregivers & medical professionals alike who are out there working tirelessly to care for others.


  • 7-Day Challenge – with training videos, worksheets & emails.
  • Starter Medical Organizer – special Medical Organizing System.
  • Fillable & downloadable Worksheets that are customizable.
  • Special live “Ask Me Anything” Question & Answer Session.
  • Private “Members Only” Insider’s Facebook Group.


Day 1:   Learn how to make the most of your Doctor Visits, Telehealth Calls & get 911-Ready with the List of Medications & In Case of Emergency Worksheet.

Day 2:   Learn the importance of providing your Doctor the right information (at the right time) for the right reason with the List of Allergies, Doctors & Pharmacies.

Day 3:   Learn about creating your Healthcare History with your List of Past Medical Events, My Medical History & Family Medical History Worksheets.

Day 4:   Learn the in’s & out’s of your Medical Insurance with your Savings Tracker, List of Medical Tests & Health Insurance Coverage Worksheets.

Day 5:   Learn about the first 3-Steps to take whenever a medical challenge arrives with your Problems & Pet Peeves List, Top 10 Priorities & Things to Do List.

Day 6:   Learn about the single most important piece of paper you’ll ever need to have during medical visits with your Medical Summary Report Worksheet.

Day 7:   Learn how to bring it altogether and use your Medical Organizing System with your Tabs for your Medical Organizer, Doctor Visit & Go Bag Checklist.


Our award-winning Healthcare Navigation System can help you save a fortune and maybe save … your life. Our special Framework will enable you to simplify your healthcare and make your medical experiences more comfortable & tolerable.

We’ll guide you through the process, step-by-step, and tell you what to do (and how to do it), so that next time you’re faced with a medical challenge, you’ll be ready to go.

No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition … this Surviving Healthcare 7-Day Challenge can help you gain control and live … A Better Life!



Simplifying Healthcare 7-Day Challenge –    ($197 value)
Special “Starter” Medical Organizer System – ($97 value)
Private “Member’s Only” Facebook Group –  ($297 value)


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