7-Day Challenge
(A Hands-on Workshop)

A roll-up-your-sleeves workshop
where I help you create a
“Starter” Medical Organizer
that you can use for all your
Dr. Visits, Telehealth Calls,
& 911-Emergencies


The Surviving Healthcare 7-Day Challenge is the perfect place to begin when you’re trying to improve your health & well-being. It’s a hands-on Workshop that’s designed to get you ready for every Doctor Visit, Telehealth Call & 911-Emergency. It’s a proven framework that will teach you “How To” Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare and it includes: Live Instruction & fillable and downloadable “Starter” Medical Organizer, along with access to a Private Member’s Only Facebook Group. Everything you need to get started and make aging easier and far more affordable.

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The Surviving Healthcare 7-Day Challenge is a hands-on Workshop that’s designed to help you get ready for Doctor Visits, Telehealth Calls & 911-Emergencies. It’s a proven framework that guarantees you will learn “How To” create a Self-Advocacy System that will help you Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare. This award winning system will help you to save valuable time, money & energy and assist you with getting to your best wellness possible.

At the end of this 7-Day Challenge you will have a comprehensive Medical Organizing System in place that you can use for every medical visit. It’s also perfect for caregivers and medical professionals.


  • 7 Daily Challenge – Complete with “How To” Emails with Training Videos
  • “Starter” Medical Organizer – Online Medical Organizing System
  • 10 Fillable & Downloadable Forms for use during medical visits
  • 1 Live Webinar Workshop & Instruction Session with Q&A’s
  • 1 Live “Ask Me Anything” Webinar Question & Answer Session
  • Membership into a Private Insider’s Facebook Group

This award-winning system will help you navigate the complexities of our Healthcare System and make caregiving easier. No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, this Medical Organizing System will help you gain control over your health and live A Better Life! 

We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step so that you’ll be ready for ever Doctor Visit, Telehealth Call, or 911-Emergency.



7-Day Challenge                        $197

Starter Medical Organizer        $97

Private Facebook Group         $297      

      TOTAL VALUE   =       $591

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