Deluxe Medical Organizer(187 Fillable Forms)
Takes the hassles out of healthcare & caregiving.


It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting to make healthcare & caregiving so much easier. This Deluxe Medical Organizer gives you everything you’ll ever need to make the complicated less complicated and the impossible become possible.

It’s a comprehensive online Medical Organizing System that’s complete with important checklists, easy-to-use-worksheets, and health insurance essentials. It gives you an easy way to simplify your essential medical information, take control over your health and become your own best advocate.

Everyone’s healthcare needs are different and medical journey unique. So, no matter what your goals are (or what adversities you face) the Deluxe Medical Organizer will help you build more confidence, capability & control, while providing you with the resources necessary to better manage your health and live … A Better Life!

It’s the perfect system to follow for transforming your health and will provide you with inspiring concepts for “How To” overcome adversity by strengthening your Self-Advocacy Skills.

This Deluxe Medical Organizer includes all the forms you’ll need to make the most out of your Doctor’s visit, Telehealth Calls & get 911-Ready. It will also help you save valuable time, money, & energy.

Caregivers will love this as well, because it’s the perfect Healthcare Navigation System that empowers you (and those you’re caring for) to make aging easier and far more affordable.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools & resources you need to better navigate through a complex Healthcare System.

This Deluxe Medical Organizer Includes:

  • Weekly & Monthly Calendars
  • Caregiver Time Sheets
  • Emergency Evacuation Checklist
  • What to do Before, During & After Hospital Visits
  • Nursing Home Inspection Sheets
  • Nursing Home Move-In Questions
  • Remember to Tell the Doctor Checklist
  • Contact forms for Caregivers & Home Care Agencies
  • ICE – In Case of Emergency Forms
  • Insurance Forms for Dental, Disability & LTC
  • Shopping Lists
  • Pros and Cons of Treatment – Evaluation Form
  • List of Websites
  • Medical Billing Lost
  • Medication Cost Comparison
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Trackers for Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Chemotherapy, Dialysis
  • Weight loss, Food & Exercise Trackers
  • Daily Huddle Sheet
  • Doctor Visit Worksheet
  • And so much more!

You’ll find fillable and downloadable forms in separate PDF’s that you can use separately. Or, we’ve combined them all into one single PDF file to make it easy for you.

Our Deluxe Medical Organizer  helps you track and manage everything from soup to nuts, including insurance, billing, labs, medical tests, advance directives, out-of-pocket costs, annual deductibles and healthcare expenses … and so much more.

Sound too complex?

Don’t worry. It’s not. We’ve made it super simple and very easy-to-do. Plus, we have additional coaching available for you if you want us to help you with it all.

Think about this: the average person’s vital medical records contains over 200 pieces of paper, scattered among 19 different locations. The average Doctor’s visit lasts just 15 minutes, with only 7.9 minutes going to getting your questions answered and your needs met. Plus, when your Doctor asks you a question, or needs information, you only have 11 seconds before they’ll interrupt you, or move along.  This Deluxe Medical Organizer gives you the ability to answer their question quickly and easily. It will help you make every moment count … and every dollar matter.

Research shows that it makes a really BIG difference when you prepare in advance.

So let us help you become a world-class patient (or caregiver) in order to get more out of the Healthcare System while using less of it.


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Takes the hassles out of healthcare & caregiving.”

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