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The Simplifying Healthcare – 6-Week Bootcamp is our most comprehensive Training Program available. It will teach you world-class “Self-Advocacy” skills that will help you gain control & get you to your best wellness possible. Our deep-dive instructional videos, comprehensive worksheets, and live Q&A Sessions will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Healthcare System.

We’ll show you how to handle the complexities of healthcare like a pro in order to reduce your frustration with the system; it’s costs, accessibility, and complexity.

Most importantly we’ll help you to plan carefully, prepare properly, and liveA Better Life!


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The Simplifying Healthcare – 6-Week Bootcamp includes the latest tools & techniques being used by Board-Certified Patient Advocates and helps you develop a powerful & productive Medical Organizing System. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to improve their health and simplify their healthcare.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned while being a patient in the Healthcare System, along with my experience as a Patient Advocate (since the year 2000) and I’ve simplified it down into one, single, easy-to-use system. I’ve broken it down into individual parts & pieces to simplify the process & shorten your learning curve. By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, and your life will be transformed. You’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get well (and stay well) for all the days of your life.


  • 6-Week Bootcamp – with training videos, worksheets & emails.
  • Starter Medical Organizer – special Medical Organizing System.
  • Deluxe Medical Organizer – special Medical Organizing System.
  • Hardbound Medical Organizer – with pre-printed worksheets.
  • Fillable & downloadable Worksheets that are customizable.
  • Special live “Ask Me Anything” Question & Answer Sessions.
  • Private “Members Only” Insider’s Facebook Group.


WEEK 1:   You’ll learn all about creating a powerful & productive Medical Organizing System and setting it up for success. Then, you’ll use it to prepare for your Doctor visits and know what to do (and what to say) in order to make every moment count. This will help you get to the exceptional medical care you deserve, for the lowest possible price.

WEEK 2:   You’ll learn how to create & use a Medical Summary Report – the single most important thing you can do to Advocate for yourself and to get to an evidence-based diagnosis. This will put you in charge of your health & enable you to begin eliminating your disease. In an instant you’ll be able to communicate more information to your Doctor than you could have in several visits’ worth of time. 

WEEK 3:   You’ll learn how to save valuable time, money & energy, by knowing where to go to find out exactly what your health insurance covers (and what it doesn’t cover) so that you can make better and more well-informed decisions. You’ll learn the in’s & out’s of your policy, along with the pitfalls to avoid, and the most common mistakes that people make. Above all, you’ll learn how to check your benefits in advance so you won’t be surprised by what you’ll pay.

WEEK 4:   You’ll learn how to track what you pay for your medical care and manage your overall expenses. You’ll learn how to reconcile your medical bills in order to find (and fix) medical billing errors and how to track what you’ve spent towards your annual deductible & out-of-pocket costs. This will enable you to get more out of the healthcare system while using less of it.

WEEK 5:   You’ll learn the importance of legal documents as they relate to your healthcare. We’ll cover the difference between a Will, Living Will & Healthcare Proxy, as well as what Advance Directives are, why you need them, and how they’ll help you. This will enable you to make your wishes known and your intentions clear to your Doctors and family members. You’ll learn where to go, and what to do, in order to get these documents done.

WEEK 6:   You’ll learn the importance of bloodwork & medical testing for maintaining good health. You’ll learn how to read your results and track what you’ve had done & when you’ve had it done, in order to ensure you’re not having duplicate procedures. We’ll show you how to put this all together to get in control fast and how to customize your Medical Organizing System to change as your health changes. Above all, we’ll teach you “How To” use the power of Advocacy to protect yourself and use it to help you save a fortune and who knows, maybe even save … your life!


Our award-winning Healthcare Navigation System can help you save a fortune and maybe save … your life. Our special Framework will enable you to simplify your healthcare and make your medical experiences more comfortable & tolerable.

We’ll guide you through the process, step-by-step, and tell you what to do (and how to do it), so that next time you’re faced with a medical challenge, you’ll be ready to go.

No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition … this Surviving Healthcare 6-Week Bootcamp can help you gain control and live … A Better Life!

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