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How well you’re able to communicate with your Doctor is one of the most important parts of getting to superior health outcomes. Advocating for yourself (or a loved one) isn’t always easy, because time is short during medical visits. A good Doctor-Patient relationship requires you show up prepared and make the most of your time together. That means asking good questions, clarifying information, and making sure you understand all of their instructions. It also means being able to articulate your concerns quickly, clearly, and succinctly, and communicating any changes in your health in an effective way. By taking a more active role, you can help reduce medical errors and avoid costly complications. There’s a wonderful Advocating Approach framework in this Doctor Visit Guide. It’s a good reminder you of what you should cover when you’re with your Doctor and how you can help them, help you. There’s also an amazing Doctor Visit Checklist that covers what to do Before, During, and After each Doctor’s visit. This is an invaluable tool to keep you on track.

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(4 Page – PDF Download)