Medical Organizer Magic – Coaching & Training Program


No matter what your needs are, this Medical Organizer Magic Coaching© will give you all the tools you’ll ever need to make the most out of each and every medical visit. You receive the Deluxe Medical Organizer, the Medical Organizer Magic Coaching ( M.O.M) and the Hardbound Medical Organizer

The coaching is a hands on “How To” complete and use important checklists, easy-to-use-worksheets, and health insurance essentials, you’ll have an easy way to simplify your essential medical information, take control over your health and become your own best advocate.

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Everyone’s healthcare needs are different and everyone’s medical situation unique. No matter what your specific medical needs are, the Medical Organizer Magic Package from A Better Life will give you all the coaching guidance and forms you’ll ever need to make the most out of each and every medical visit. It will help you take the hassles out of healthcare and start saving valuable time, money, & energy in the process.

Our goal in to provide you with all of the tools & resources that you’ll ever need for navigating through a complex healthcare system. You’ll receive in-depth training on how to create a powerful Medical Organizer that will assist you in becoming more confident, capable, and in control, while maneuvering through the medical maze.

In addition to the 29 forms from the “Basic” Digital Medical Organizer it includes the “Deluxe” Medical Organizer & Training Program  which comes with all of those … plus over 140 more! Complete with important checklists, easy-to-use-worksheets, and health insurance essentials. You’ll have an easy way to simplify your medical information, and the knowledge you need in order to take control over your health, and become your own best advocate. Perfect for family caregivers and those with chronic conditions.

So, whether you’re caring for yourself, or those you love, medical record keeping will be a breeze.

This “Medical Organizer Magic Package Includes:

  • Deluxe Medical Organizer
  • Medical Organizer Magic Coaching ( M.O.M)
  • Hardbound Medical Organizer

In each section of your Deluxe Digital Medical Organizer you will find fillable and downloadable forms, located in separate PDF’s for your convenience. We have also combined all of the forms in each section into an “all forms” PDF file … so that everything can be conveniently printed out.

This “Deluxe” Digital Medical Organizer includes all the standard forms you need, like medications, allergies, surgeries, past medical events, doctors, and pharmacies. You’ll also be able to track your out-of-pocket costs and annual deductibles, as well as your medication expenses. These are just a few examples of the many wonderful forms you’ll find waiting for you.

The MOM coaching program will help you prepare for your next Doctor’s visit, share your symptoms and information, and quickly & easily answer any questions your Doctor might have.

Research shows that it makes a difference when you prepare in advance and recap what was discussed. Our medical system is complex and overwhelming. Start completing your forms today to ensure that you’re protecting yourself in the best way possible.

The Hard Bound Medical Organizer is a complete Organizer with pre-printed forms, Sheet protectors, Tabs, Dividers. Everything you need for a Grab and Go Organizer.

Here’s to your good health!