Medical Organizers


Simplify your essential medical information, take control of your health, and become your own best advocate with A Better Life’s – Medical Organizers. Makes healing easy by putting everything you need right at your fingertips.



Save a Fortune … and Your Life!

A Better Life’s – Medical Organizers provide an easy way to simplify your essential medical information, take control over your health, and become your own best advocate.

They’re simple and practical, easy to use, and completely customizable … giving you complete control over your medical record keeping. Plus, they’re great during an emergency and perfect for family caregivers.

Complete with Helpful Checklists, Medical Expense Trackers, Doctor Visit Worksheets, and Free Online Forms, A Better Life’s – Medical Organizers makes healing easier.

3 Versions to Choose From

Basic – Digital Medical Organizer – The basic version is absolutely Free and comes with 29 of the most important forms that you’ll ever need to get starting building yourself an essential foundation. Includes: Emergency ID Card, Dr. Visit Checklist, List of Medications, Medical History Form, and forms for tracking Annual Deductibles & Out-of-Pocket Costs.

Deluxe – Digital Medical Organizer – This deluxe version is now on sale now for just $37 ($67 value) and includes 5 different Guidebooks, Tutorials & Training Videos, plus over 150 additional forms to make recording keeping easy. Includes Task sheets, Caregiver Scheduling Forms, Treatment Evaluation Forms, Emergency Preparedness Lists and Things To Do Lists. Everything you need for your healthcare essentials and for managing your medical affairs. Puts all of your essential medical information and vital medical records right at your fingertips. Store and sort your information on your computer and have it readily available.

Hardbound – Printed Medical Organizer – This hardbound printed version is filled with pre-printed pages, and comes with a special organizing system. Complete with pocket dividers, sheet protectors & a pencil pouch, the Hardbound – Printed Medical Organizer gives you a handy binder that you can carry with you and store your documentation in. This version includes our Deluxe Digital Medical Organizer, so you’ll be able to also have your medical information online to make changes easy, and have access to all of our fillable and downloadable forms 24/7. This version enables you to share your medical information quickly and easily with caregivers, family members and all of your medical providers.

Takes the Hassle OUT of Healthcare

With free fillable and downloadable online forms, making changes is quick and easy. Set your Medical Organizer up any way you want it. Change the categories as often as you’d like. Add and remove items in seconds and change your forms as your needs change. Keeping your information up-to-date in a simple, yet practical. As your health changes, your Medical Organizer will change with you.

Just Grab-n-Go

No more last-minute searching for important information. Whenever you need it, it will be there.  Just grab-n-go!  No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, A Better Life’s – Medical Organizers will help you keep track of all your medical expenses, catch medical billing errors, and reduce overall costs. You’ll be able to create an accurate healthcare history in a matter of minutes and make sure that when it comes to your healthcare, you’re making every penny count.

Save Time, Money, & Energy

A Better Life’s – Medical Organizers will save you a ton of time, money and energy. It will help you gain control over your health, so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed, and overloaded.

it will help you get organized, fast and keep your medical records up-to-date. This will give you the control you need in order to face today’s healthcare challenges.

Make Record Keeping Easy

Studies show that people who take the time to organize their medical information enjoy far better healthcare outcomes. So, get organized today. Don’t be caught off guard! Make sure you have your vital information ready to go whenever you go to the Doctor’s office, Walk-In Clinic, Emergency Room (or even while traveling). It could be life-saving.

Take the time to create your Medical Organizer today. You’ll be so glad you did!

Above all, it will help you to plan carefully, prepare properly and live … A Better Life!


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