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Get your energy back. Increase your health. Lose weight and feel great. Enjoy Purium Health Products anti-aging supplements, nutrient-dense superfoods and special herbs & extracts, along with other beauty products and receive a $50 discount on any purchase of $75 or more.

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Stay Happy. Get Healthy.

Unlock nature’s secrets of youthfulness, longevity, and anti-aging … while discovering the rejuvenating benefits of plants, called “phytochemistry”.

No other company has such a complete holistic approach to food and nutrition.

By studying the ancient arts of Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Amazonian Herbs, the Shamanic Healing Arts of Native Americans, and other traditional Aboriginal practices, Purium Health Products has captured the most potent whole food plant extracts from around the world, and developed nutritional products & supplements to help restore and repair your body at a cellular level.

Pure + Premium Products = Purium Health Products

Purium Health Products  got its name by using only the most pure & premium whole foods products and herbal ingredients. Fresh ingredients just like you would find at any world-class juice bar. Things like, organic kamut grass, organic spirulina, organic flax, and organic barley green juice.

As you’ll soon see, their commitment to your health goes “far beyond the bottle”. They inform. They educate. They guide you. They regularly publish information and audio recordings on a wide range of health-related topics that will help you look and feel your absolute best.

Independent Distributor – Since 2007

More than a decade ago, my Orthopedic Doctor to me to get natural supplements to help with my Osteoarthritis and horrible joint pain. I had NO idea what that meant, or what “natural products” were, for that matter. When I asked him, what it meant and which ones were best, he told me to consult with someone at a health food store, or in the “natural business”.  I had not idea what that meant, either. It was like he was speaking another language. So, I set out on a journey to find out all I could about these, so called, “natural products.” I wanted to educate myself and located the best products I could in order to alleviate my pain.

I searched high and low. I tried one product after another, and another. Unfortunately, nothing really worked. Time and time again, I came up empty-handed. I tried so many different vitamins and supplements, and consulted with so many different nutritional companies that I honestly lost count. Then, one day, quite by accident, I was sitting down and rubbing my knees, when someone asked me if I had joint pain. Yes, I said. It’s horrible!  And the rest, as they say, was history, when she said, “I know the perfect product for you!”

I reluctantly tried Purium Health Products. I was skeptical, for sure, and I told her I had tried too many products to count, but she swore to me that with the money-back guarantee I had nothing to loose. And I’m so glad I tried it! I was astonished at the results I received.! Almost instantly my joint pain began to fade away. Surely, I thought, this can’t be possible. But it was. Not only did their products help me to restore my body to a healthy joint function, but they also helped me to increase my mobility, and my flexibility, (which, honestly, is something I didn’t think was even possible) and they helped me restore my life to full vitality. I’m so grateful for these products and I’ve been taking them ever since. I wouldn’t miss a day without them! Naturally, I’ve been singing their praises ever since then, and was so impressed, I immediately signed up to become a distributor so that I could tell everyone all about them and receive the membership discounts.

I started taking their tart cherry juice, called “Apothe-Cherry” and the pain in my hands and knees faded away almost immediately. I was shocked! Not only that, but it helped me to sleep deeply for the first time in years. Then, I tired their “Joint-Flex” and enjoyed an immediate increase in my mobility. It felt like someone had greased the joints in my hands and knees. I no longer got that nagging ache deep in my bones at night, or suffered from joint pain and stiffness on cold and rainy days.

From there, I added a product called “Immuno-Max” and found myself NOT getting sick as often as I used to, and if I did get sick it was only a minor cold, and not a terrible virus. Plus, I actually healed faster. So much so that I began tracking my illnesses and compared them to my husband’s and son’s … and sure enough, I was sick half as often, and healed twice as fast. Incredible. That was miraculous!

Then, when it was time for my surgeries, Dr. Wohlfeld suggest I try “40x Aloe Vera Concentrate”.  This product helped me heal more quickly than I ever had in the past. I actually started receiving comments from my Doctors on how well I was doing and how quickly I was healing. I surpassed all expectations. Not only that, but my Dental Hygienist and my Dentist kept telling me how much better my gums looked and kept asking me what I had been doing differently, as there had been a noticeable difference. As you can imagine, I continue to take my Purium Health Products to this very day. I sing their praises and am so grateful for their wonderful products.

It’s Just Food. Pure and Simple Food.

What I like most about Purium Health Products is that they provide me with whole food nutritional supplements using superfoods and natural herbs. They nourish my body at the cellular level, activating my metabolism, and boosting my immune system. They rejuvenate and re-activate my body with high nutritional density, which I’ve seen help people with everything from increased overall health, and better sleep habits, to less joint pain, greater weight loss, and several other wonderful anti-aging effects.

Their products are all 100% non-GMO (which means they are NOT genetically modified or created in a laboratory using some crazy engineering techniques). Plain and simple, it’s just food. Regular food. Nothing else. They are certified organic & certified kosher products, and specially designed to help you look great, feel your best, and perform like a much younger person.

Who wouldn’t want that?  Right?

There’s NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. It’s just food. Simple food, but super food, just the same. Super food for super results.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it and see for yourself. All of their products come with a 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with Purium Health Products, for any reason, simply return the unused portion for a full refund, no questions asked.

Free Consultation with Dr. Michael Wohlfeld, 

Not sure which product is right for you? No problem. Get a free consult.

One of the greatest benefits I’ve found is that Purium Health Products offers Free Naturopathic Counseling with Dr. Michael Wohlfeld for all customers and distributors. He is there to answer your important health-related questions. I’ve met him in person (while attending his live event), received free counseling from him on multiple occasions throughout the years, and consulted with him with several of my friends, family members, and clients over the past decade. He’s amazing! He is a true holistic healer in every senses of the word. By simply placing a phone call or sending an email to him, you’ll be able to have health and product counseling personalized just for your concerns. That alone, is priceless!

Everyone’s health is different and every’s situation unique … so it’s wonderful to have your own personalized consultation that’s meant just for YOU.

To reach Dr. Michael Wohlfeld, ND, call 1-800-962-5433 (1-800-962-LIFE), or send an email to him at: PuriumNaturopath@gmail.com.

Free $50 Gift Card Today!

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Enjoy $50 off the first time you order and try any of the products sold by Purium Health Products. There are dozens of amazing products to choose from

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Go here to shop Purium Health Products:


Use Gift Card Code: “bbrown” to get $50 off your first order

You’ll receive a $50 discount on any purchase of $75 or more.

Use it to purchase any product you’d like, or use it towards a Purium Health Products Membership, where you’ll receive 20 – 30% off all your orders.

Something for Everyone

Purium Health Foods products and supplements will be delivered right to your doorstep. With 5 product collections and tons of items to choose from, there’s something perfect for everyone in their collection.

See for yourself.

Super foods for super health.

Try Purium Health Products today.  Let them help you transform your health and Live … A Better Life™.







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