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Here’s to your good health!



Stay Happy. Be Healthy. Improve your Immune System and Protect yourself (and those you love) from the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Get to your best wellness possible while unlocking nature’s secrets for living a happy, healthy & vibrant life, filled with youthfulness, longevity, and anti-aging … while discovering the rejuvenating benefits of mother nature’s plants, called “phytochemistry”.

No other company has such a complete holistic approach to food & nutrition.

By studying the ancient arts of Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Amazonian Herbs, the Shamanic Healing Arts of Native Americans, as well as other traditional Aboriginal practices, Purium Health Products has captured the most potent whole food plant-based extracts from around the world, and developed nutritional products and supplements to help restore and repair your body at a cellular level. This approach uses natural foods & herbs to help heal you from the inside out.

Pure Products + Premium Products = Purium Health Products

Purium Health Products got its name by using only the most pure and premium whole food products and herbal ingredients from around the world. Fresh ingredients just like you would find in the wild, or at any of the world’s finest nutrition centers or juice bars. Wonderfully healing ingredients like, Organic Kamut Grass, Organic Spirulina, Organic Flax, and Organic Barley Green Juice.

As you’ll soon see that PHP’s commitment to your health goes “far beyond” anything you ever thought was possible. They inform. They educate. They guide you and teach you about the value of good nutrition in their regularly published information videos on a wide range of health-related topics that will enable you look and feel your absolute best.

Independent Distributor – Since 2007

In 2006, my Orthopedic Surgeon told me he was out of options to help me get out of pain, and suggested I try “Natural Supplements”. I had NO idea what Natural Supplements were exactly, nor where to get them. So I began searching for them. I tried one product after another, and another, but nothing ever worked. The pain always remained. Time and time again, I came up empty-handed. It was so frustrating! I tried so many different vitamins and supplements, and visited so many vitamin shops, health food stores and nutritional companies, that I lost count. And hope. Then, one day, out of the blue, I met world renowned Nutritional Expert & Wellness Coach, Jackie Page, and the rest as they say was history.

Jackie was one of the Founding Members of Purium Health Products and a Premier Distributor since the year 2004. She taught me the many benefits of having a diet rich in super foods and “How To” use the power of all natural ingredients to help me look and feel my best and improve my chronic illness. She also taught me the importance of getting away from a ‘pill for any ill’ mentality and helped me to reduce the great number of medications that I had been taking. In no time at all, I felt so much better.

Jackie spent many years managing Vitamin Shops & GNC Stores Nationwide. She is one of the world’s foremost leading experts on Natural Supplements, and is the founder of Immune Solutions (a company focused on a complete approach to food and nutrition). She taught me about the healing powers of Apothe Cherry (which is packed with natural antioxidants and comes from Montmorency Cherries). It’s been proven to help you recover faster, boost your immune system, and look and feel better.

To be honest with you, I gave her some real grief when I first met her and flat out told her that I thought it was impossible to find a product (or products) that could help me. I had tried everything out there and had long given up hope of ever finding a solution. I was snarky and resistant. And I was flat out WRONG! Thankfully she was patient and persistent, because she knew that she could help me.

She was also emphatic about there being a Money-Back Guarantee, and said, quite frankly, “What have you got to lose?” Nothing, I thought. So, I reluctantly tried Purium Health Products. I was totally shocked at the results. These products changed my life forever. I first began by taking the Apothe Cherry and then quickly added the Joint Flex and 40x Aloe Vera. Wonderful products that I’m still taking today all these many years later!

Not only did Purium Health Products enable me to restore my body, reduce my inflammation, and improve my mobility and flexibility, they also helped me to restore my energy and improve my mindset. I’m so grateful for these products and I tell everyone about them. And in order to get them at the lowest price possible, I signed up to become an Independent Distributor and Jackie Page became my mentor. That was a win-win for me and I’ve been blessed to have such a wonderful mentor & coach since the year 2007.

When I started taking “Apothe-Cherry”  the pain in my hands and knees faded away almost instantly. Within days. I was so shocked and sure it was a fluke! But it wasn’t. Within days, I was completely embarrassed that I had rolled my eyes at Jackie Page when she first told me about Apothe Cherry. Not only that, but it helped me to sleep deeply for the first time in many years. Once I added PHP’s “Joint-Flex” to my daily routine, I also enjoyed an immediate increase in my mobility in all of my joints, including my knees. It felt like someone had greased the joints in my hands and knees and I could finally move about more freely. No more “rusty parts” and night time aches. I no longer got that nagging pain deep inside my bones at night, nor did I suffer from joint pain and stiffness on cold and rainy days any longer. It was so amazing.

From there, I tried “Immuno-Max” and found myself NOT getting sick as often as I used to, and if I did get sick … it was only minor. A little cold for a couple of days. Not the flu or a virus that lasted forever, like before. I healed faster and felt better. So much so that I created a Tracking Sheet in my Medical Organizer and began tracking my sickness and compared it to that of my husband’s and my son’s. Sure enough, I was sick half as often as they were, and healed twice as fast as they did. Incredible. It really was miraculous! Now they take it, too.

Then, when it was time for my many surgeries, (I’ve had 17 to date), I added “40x Aloe Vera Concentrate” to the Apothe Cherry and Joint Flex that I took. The Aloe super charged the other products and enabled me to heal more quickly than ever before. I actually started receiving comments from my Doctors on how well I was doing and how quickly I was healing. I surpassed all expectations and they asked me what I was doing differently. I told them it was the combination of Apothe Cherry, 40x Aloe Vera Juice, and the Joint Flex. Soon enough, they began telling their patients about these products and happily reported they were having great success, too. These products are powerful.

It’s Just Food. Pure and Simple Food.

What I like most about Purium Health Products is that they provide me with whole food nutritional supplements using superfoods and natural herbs. They enable me to nourish my body at the cellular level, activating my metabolism, and boosting my immune system. They rejuvenate and re-activate my body with high nutritional density, which can increase my overall health and wellness, while improving my sleep habits. Then enable me to reduce my joint pain, aid in weight loss, and minimize my chronic illness. Most importantly, they are now helping me boost my immune system and fight off getting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Purium Health Products are ALL 100% non-GMO (which means they are NOT genetically modified and created in a laboratory with a bunch of harmful chemicals). Plain and simple, it’s just food. Regular food. Grown in a garden. Super food. Nothing else. All of the products are certified organic & certified kosher, and are specially designed to help you look great, feel your best, and live a vibrant, healthy life.

Who wouldn’t want that. Right?

There’s NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. It’s just plain food and herbs. Simple food. Super food. For super health.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee – it DOESN’T Get Any Better Than That!

Try it and see for yourself. All Purium Health Products come with a 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, for any reason, simply return the unused portion to Purium Health Products for a full refund. No questions asked.

Free Customer Service & Support

Not sure which product is right for you? Need help figuring out what to order, and HOW to order it? No problem. Don’t want the hassle of having to figure out the Website. No problem. They’re there to help.

Purium Health Products offers Free Customer Support to ALL customers. You get a real live person, speaking to you from their headquarters in California (and NOT from some remote call center that’s thousands of miles Overseas). They can speak your language and they can understand your needs. They know their product line and they know how to help you. They live, breathe, and eat a healthy lifestyle. They practice what they preach. You don’t have to be frustrated by long lines, difficult websites, chat bots, or emails back and forth. Simply pick up the phone and ask for help. It’s that easy! Their Customer Service Department is open Monday – Friday from 7 am – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time and their phone number is toll-free 1-888-747-6733.

Everyone’s health is different and everyone’s situation unique … so it’s important to choose the products that are just right for YOU.

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Get $50 off your first order (of $75 or more) right now … and try ANY of the products sold by Purium Health Products. This FREE $50 Gift Card is good for any products they sell. And there are lots and lots to choose from

So, treat yourself to the best natural supplements available anywhere in the world. Seeing is believing. Try it for yourself. Rest assured knowing that you’ve got that unconditional money-back guarantee. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, so check it out. You’ll be so glad you did!

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There’s something here for everyone!

Your Purium Health Products order will be shipped right to your doorstep. So, come join the countless others from all over the world who have discovered the mighty powers and wonderful benefits of Purium Health Products. Let Purium help you take control of your health, improve your life and get you to your best wellness possible.

Super foods – for super health. You deserve that! Everyone does.

Try Purium Health Products today.  Let them help YOU to live … A Better Life.

Here’s to your good health!







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