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The Simplifying Healthcare – 7-Day Challenge is an online hands-on workshop that will teach you “How To” be your own best Advocate and get to your best wellness possible. Our award-winning Healthcare Navigation System will help you gain confidence, capability & control. In this workshop you’ll receive daily videos, fillable & downloadable worksheets, and easy-to-follow instructions. By the time you finish this course, you’ll have a Medical Organizing System in place that will help you to Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare and saving yourself valuable time, money & energy.

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The Simplifying Healthcare – 7-Day Challenge is our Introductory Training Workshop that will teach you “How To” take the hassles OUT of Healthcare. It will show you the basics of Self-Advocacy and teach you how to use them in order to save valuable time, money & energy. It’s the perfect starting point for when you want to gain control over your health and make the process of healthcare navigation so much easier. It will help you develop the skills you need to become a better patient in the Healthcare System and to better Advocate for yourself during your Doctor Visits, Telehealth Calls, and when getting 911-Ready.

  • Are you frustrated by healthcare?
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity?
  • Sick & tired of not feeling your best?
  • Want to fix your health and live A Better Life?
  • If so … then this course is for you!

It will teach you the special tips-n-tricks that I’ve used since the year 2000 for helping my medical advocacy clients to navigate through a complex medical maze. It will highlight the pitfalls to avoid, and strategies necessary to succeed in our complex Healthcare System. Plus, it will give you a sneak peek of what really goes on behind those healthcare curtains (from an insider’s point of view) that few people rarely get to see and show you what to avoid in order to keep yourself safe from harm.

By the time you finish this course you will have a powerful & productive Medical Organizing System in place that you can use for the rest of your life. It will give you all the tools and resources you need.

As a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, I’ve learned what Doctors want from you and what it takes to get to exceptional medical care. So if you want to stop feeling like a nameless, faceless number in the crowd, and being rushed in and out of your appointments, only to walk away feeling like you’re no better off than you were before, or that you haven’t been heard, then this course is perfect for you. With just a few simple things that we provide to you, you can become one of the most ideal patients that any Doctor would love to have. Plus, you’ll vastly improve your Doctor Visits and have far better outcomes as well.

This is what you’ll complete: List of Medications, Allergies, Past Medical Events, List of Doctors, Pharmacies, Medical History, Family History, Health Insurance Coverage, Medical Summary Report, and a handy Doctor Visit Checklist.

These forms and worksheets will help you become your own best Advocate (and advocate for others) and will help you to get to your best wellness possible.


 DAY #1:

Learn “How To” make the most of your Doctor Visits, Telehealth calls, and get 911-Ready.

 DAY #2:

Learn the importance of providing your Doctor the right information, at the right time, for the right reason.

 DAY #3:

Learn about creating your healthcare history and a sequential list of your past medical events.

 DAY #4:

Learn the in’s and out’s of your medical insurance and how to use it to save valuable time, money & energy.

 DAY #5:

Learn the first three steps to take whenever a medical challenge first arrives.

 DAY #6:

Learn all about the single most important piece of paper you’ll ever want to have during your medical visits.

 DAY #7:

Learn how to bring it altogether and use your Medical Organizing System to get to your best wellness possible.

 Healthcare does NOT need to be so difficult. To take the hassles OUT of healthcare you just need to know one thing. And that’s what is your NEXT best step? That’s what we’ll teach you in this course. So come learn how you can Simplify Healthcare and what you can do to get more out of the Healthcare System by using less of it !!


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