Starter Medical Organizer (10 Fillable Forms)
Makes every moment count during your doctor visits.


The Starter Medical Organizer includes the most essential forms you’ll ever need to begin Self-Advocacy. It will greatly improve the outcomes of your Doctor Visits, Telehealth Calls, and help you get 911-Ready. It’s quick & easy and will help you become your own best Advocate (and Advocate for others) while maneuvering through the medical maze. That’s because it makes healthcare easier & far more affordable.

Includes: Doctor Visit Checklist, Medications & Supplements, List of Allergies, List of Past Medical Events, List of Doctors, List of Pharmacies, My Medical History, Family Medical History, Medical Summary Report & Health Insurance Coverage,

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A Better Life’s Starter Medical Organizer provides an easy way to simplify your essential medical information, take control of your health, and become your own best Advocate. Its Easy-To-Use-Worksheets will help you Take the Hassle OUT of Healthcare.

It includes 10 of the most essential forms you’ll ever need get started and will enable you to build the perfect foundation for Self-Advocacy.

It’s simple and practical, gives you complete control, and will save you a ton of time, money & energy.  But the best part of all, is that it’s completely customizable. It comes complete with fillable & downloaded online forms, that you can change anytime you want. So, whenever your health (or situation) changes, your forms will change with you. This makes Doctor visits, Telehealth calls & getting 911-Ready a breeze.

I’ve had every Doctor tell me, “I wish every patient would have one of these. It would help them make sure they don’t get sub-par care because they’re not providing us with the important information we need.”

A Better Life’s Starter Medical Organizer will improve your communication and earn your Doctor’s respect, because you’ll become the most ideal patient they’d love to have. When you begin using this, you’ll soon see that everyone will remember your name and you’ll go from being a nameless, faceless number in the crowd, to a world-class patient they can’t wait to see.

Plus, there will be no more last-minute searching for your important information, and it will be GREAT to have in an emergency, because all you have to do is grab-it-n-go!

So, no matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition, A Better Life’s Starter Medical Organizer will help you better manage your health.

It will also enable you avoid costly medical errors by ensuring accurate information is provided to all your Medical Providers, every time. And it will help you create an accurate healthcare history in a matter of minutes, which makes every penny (and every moment) count.

Above all it will help you to Plan Carefully, Prepare Properly and Live … A Better Life!


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Makes every moment count during your doctor visits.”

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