A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Are You...

  • Frustrated with your Health?
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity?
  • Sick & Tired of Always Being ... Sick & Tired?
  • Want to Fix your Health & Live ... A Better Life?

What's Making You Sick?

Take the Quiz

tFind Out Now!

What's Making You Sick?

Take the Quiz

tFind Out Now!

A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Are You...

  • Frustrated with your Health?
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity?
  • Sick & Tired of Always Being ... Sick & Tired?
  • Want to Fix your Health & Live ... A Better Life?

CellCore Practitioner - Bonnie K. Brown

Online Virtual Practitioner



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Why is it so HARD to Fix Your Health?

  • Healthcare has become so complicated that it's difficult to navigate it on your own.
  • There's so much contradictory information that it's easy to get "analysis paralysis".
  • It feels nearly impossible to get to an evidence-based diagnosis that you can trust.
  • Even when you do, doctors only want to give you a pill for every ill &  pass you along. 
  • You've got hidden toxins & dangers in your food, water & air supply making you sick.
  • You need to get them out of you, but have no idea "How To" do that that on your own.
  • You need someone to show you the way & help you detoxify your body & FIX your health!!

Can YOU Relate?

If so, start by taking this FREE Health Assessment.





Let Me Help You Get You To Your Best Wellness Possible

It's easier than you might think !! 

Start by taking this

FREE Health Assessment.

This Free


will help you gain: 


 By getting you to the "root cause" of your illness & identifying what's going on at the cellular & mitochondria level.


By helping you determine what your highest priorities are & showing you what is best for you to focus on ... FIRST !!


By measuring 21 different categories of your health, you'll be able to track your progress and see how you're doing.


By giving you important information right from the very start that can help you save valuable time, money & energy.


By giving you a roadmap to follow, you'll gain confidence, capability & control, which will help you to heal ... FASTER!!

The Story of

My Struggle

I know what it's like.

I've been where you are.

I can help you FIX your health !!

I spent over 40 years of my life, yes, “40-ohhhh my goodness years” trying to fix my body and live ... A Better Life. I ended up with 17 major surgeries (most unnecessary) and spent well over $350,000 in out-of-pocket costs trying to get myself well. Sadly, nothing worked. 

Not only that, but I nearly died. Twice.

I’m also a multi-medical malpractice survivor. And the hardest thing of all was knowing that people I trusted most with my life (and worked with side-by-side in healthcare for over 20 years as a Board-Certified Patient Advocate) nearly killed me. Instead of helping me, they harmed me. What's worse, is that I let them.


Because I trusted them with my life. Until I realized they were all ... WRONG !!

The Good.

The Bad.

And the UGLY.

They told me I had Heart Disease & early onset Dementia. I didn’t. They kept ripping out my body parts & doing all kinds of surgeries. But it didn't fix me. They kept me on high doses of antibiotics, which destroyed my gut and immune system. And it didn't fix me. 

They kept giving me all sorts of prescription medications, until I was swallowing fistfuls of pills each day. One of which caused me to go into anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening allergic reaction where my body swelled up, shut down, and I could not breathe. I nearly died. 

They kept putting stents in my heart where they did not belong & were not necessary.  But it didn't fix me. Stents I didn’t want (or need) that caused me to have a massive heart attack, which is when I nearly died for the second time. I had only seconds to spare. It was a miracle I survived.

A normal troponin level (the sign that of a heart attack) ranges from 0 to 0.04 nanograms per milliliter. Mine was 123.323, the highest my surgeon had EVER seen (and he was retiring) ...mine was a 20,000 TIMES HIGHER! 

Because of this, I was put on a heart bypass machine and got last rites. Twice. They told my family I WAS going to die. They made them come say goodbye. All I could think was, "OMG ... they're going to KILL me." 

They harmed me. And left me for dead.



Last rites. Twice. 

From a botched surgery.


Could Happen

to you, too.

Look, I’m a smart, capable, professional woman. Graduated at the top of my class. Even that wasn’t enough to protect me. I’ve got a brother who's a Physician’s Assistant & sister who's a Medical Lab Technician. Even that wasn’t enough to protect me.

I’m a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, one of the first 250 people in the entire world to earn this distinguished designation. But even THAT wasn’t enough to protect me. 

So, if I’ve got all this education, experience, skills & capabilities, plus a whole bunch of really smart people all around me ... and I got run over from healthcare like this, just IMAGINE what could possibly happen to YOU, too?  Scary, isn't it? 



Don't let them harm you. Get help now. Learn "How To" detoxify your body in order to fix your health and prevent tragedies like this from happening to you, too. 

Learn "How To"  better navigate through the Healthcare System and find better ways to maneuver through the medical maze, so that you DON'T end up being vulnerable or victimized, like me.

In the end, I didn’t have heart disease and I DIDN'T have dementia. 

I had mold illness, and coinfections from Lyme Disease (caused by exposure to the Mycotoxins that the mold produced). Plus, I had other toxins & chemicals in my body coming from my environment and my food, water & air supply. 

I had NO IDEA that you could get sick from any of that. Nor did I have any idea that there was hidden toxins in my home, office & body that could kill me. 

Looking back, it all makes perfect sense now and I can see everything so clearly. But at the time, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I thought I had some rare & deadly disease. 

Mold illness is something so common, yet nobody knows about it. Plus, 28% of all people have a genetic defect for it, meaning that if they're exposed to mold, they can get sick. Sick enough to die.  

But that doesn't mean that those without the genetic defect to it are safe. Because everyone, yes literally EVERYONE (even you) can have any number symptoms and medical issues when you're exposed to mold. And because most of the mold that is in our environment is hidden and cannot be seen, it makes it even worse. People have NO IDEA it's there! 

What's worse, is that practically nobody in our traditional Healthcare System knows how to diagnose, or treat it. On my last hospitalization, I had an Attending Physician in a Level 1 Trauma Center say to me, "I'm sorry, but we don't recognize your illness here. I Googled it and it said it was made up by a bunch of Chiropractors." 

Wow. He actually said those words to me! I was speechless.

Especially because I had taken the time & trouble to explain my medical history to him (in detail) and outlined my mold illness, giving him the rundown of how it almost killed me. Yet here he was flat out telling me he didn't believe me.

Sadly, I see this happen all the time. People, like me, being blown off by the medical community over & over & over again. People who are sick and suffering, yet they are not being heard, helped, or healed. 

The Medical Doctor who diagnosed me, by the way, was an M.D. (just like him). He also worked in a busy Emergency Room (just like him) for more than 12 years. In fact, he provided more than 10,000 worth hours of direct patient care in an ER setting. Plus, worked in a hospital that had over 40,000 ER visits each year. So, he wasn't some kind of "rinky dink" little Doctor. He was a seasoned professional. 

Plus, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. (the physician who discovered mold illness) and began treating patients for it following an outbreak of Pfiesteria in 1996, was a real pro, too. He devoted his entire career to the complexities of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS Disease) and began the very first Biotoxin Illness Medical Clinic in 2002, treating more than 10,000 patients for mold illness thus far.

He also started up a non-profit research organization that raised over $2 million dollars to help with academic research. And testified in over 200 court cases as a mold & mycotoxins expert. 

So, mold illness (CIRS Disease) is certainly NOT a "made up" disease ... nor a "fake illness" that was invented by a bunch of Chiropractors. And it certainly wasn't new, either.

It's just NOT being taught in medical school. And that ER Doctor just didn't want to learn about it and didn't care. How ignorant of him and how dangerous !!

Just think about how many people are out there in the world right now who are suffering from all kinds of toxins in their environment. There are 86,000 registered chemicals out there right now that are making us all sick.

I bet that every single person on this planet has at least 1 symptom that can be traced to toxins in their environment. Even if they're "healthy" right now. 

But let's just look at mold & mycotoxins, for example, and do the math. Let's see how many people are suffering from mold illness and exposure to water damaged buildings right now. 

There are over 8 billion people on the planet. 28% of them have the HLA-DR gene (genetic defect), making them unable to get the mold out of their body without detoxify it, so they're more apt to get sick.

8 billion people x 28% = 2.4 billion people with the genetic defect for mold. So, how many of them with the genetic defect are sick right now? The answer is the number people who are currently exposed to mold and that's 70%. 

So, take 2.4 billion people x .70% = 1,680,000,000 people who are already sick. Which means, there are 1.7 BILLION PEOPLE who are already sick from mold right now. And based upon my own experience, I bet that nearly every single person is NOT getting the proper medical care & treatment they need.

Are YOU one of them? If not you, then someone close to you.

And what about all of the OTHER diseases that stem from environment factors that our Medical Doctors typically do NOT recognize or treat ... because they've not been taught about it medical school. Things like Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Leaky Gut, Lyme Disease, Parasite Infection, Radioactive Elements, SIBO, Lead Toxicity, or Mercury Toxicity? Or any other number of other medical conditions or autoimmune Illnesses. The list goes on and on. 

There are probably billions upon billions of people out there right now who are sick and who are suffering from all sorts of things and they're not getting help.

So, what's the bottom line?

Chances are that whatever YOU'RE suffering from, symptom wise, (right now) is coming from your environment, and from the hidden toxins & nasty chemicals that are in your food, water & air supply. 

Toxins & chemicals that need to come out of you in order to feel better.

And that's where I come in.

I can help !!

CellCore Practitioner - Bonnie K. Brown

Online Virtual Practitioner

What's Making YOU

Sick & Tired?

Before you spend countless hours trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with your body, and you spend countless hours going around & around in the Healthcare System. Or you bang your head up against the wall repeatedly looking for solutions that just aren't there, try detoxing. It's faster and easier, and whole lot CHEAPER. 

So, don't go spending hundreds of thousands of $$$ dollars on exorbitantly priced medical tests & treatments that WON'T solve your problem (like I did) take this FREE Health Assessment, instead. 

Get to the "root cause" of your issues more quickly & more easily and use it to identify whatever it is going wrong with your body.  

After you complete the FREE Health Assessment, the next step I suggest is to rule out mold illness (and coinfections from Lyme Disease) as an underlying issue for your health problems.


Because it's so common and most everyone on this planet is susceptible to mold exposure. So, it's worth ruling out.

More often than not, the clients I see have issues with it.

So, there's a pretty good chance that you do, too. And it's affecting your health, to some degree.

So, why not check it out and rule it out? Make sure it's not an underlying issue with you.

CIRS Disease (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) is a progressive, multi-system, multi-symptom illness caused by exposure to biotoxins ... which is the poison that mold produces.

It could literally affect every single body part that you have, and attack every single organ in your body. At random. It will cause you to have a whole bunch of symptoms that seem totally unrelated, yet are all connected.

Even if you don't have the genetic defect for mold illness (like I do), it could still be wrecking your health.

Because no matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition ... at some point in your life, mold exposure WILL negatively affect your health. It's only a matter of time! So, please, check it out and rule it out. 

Chances are that it's in your body (right now) causing you to have something go wrong.

So, learn more about mold & mycotoxins today. Know the signs & symptoms to be on the lookout for.

Here's a CHEAP Way to

Test Your Body for Mold Illness

The best place to start to see if you've got mold illness in your body is to go to www.vcstest.com and take a Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test.

It only costs $15 dollars (U.S.) for an online test ... and who knows? Maybe you do, too. This test can literally save you a boatload of time, money & energy.

Imagine finding out that's what's been making you sick?

Imagine it being that easy.

How wonderful it would be for you to know. Right? 

I've NEVER seen a false positive on this test result, so I find it to be incredibly accurate. It's the perfect place to begin for anyone who's to figure out what's going on with their body. 

All you have to do is look at a computer, tablet, or cell phone screen and answer some questions as to which way the lines are pointing. It's that easy!

It measures your ability to see details (at low contrast) and presents you with of a series of images at decreasing contrast to determine if mold is affect your body in a negative way. 

If your test result says: "VCS Results: Positive", then you can follow-up with your doctor to confirm it, and even get a genetic test to determine if you have the HLA-DR Gene, too (like me) that causes CIRS Disease. 

Also, do know, that it IS totally possible that you could have mold illness WITHOUT having the HLA-DR gene or genetic defect for it.

Those who have the genetic defect are likely to be the sickest, but those who do not have the genetic defect can still get pretty sick, too.

So, take the test. 

Because if it's in your body, then it's in your environment, for sure. Even if you can't see it, it WILL be there. You're either be living (or working) in it. It may not be obvious, nor easy to find, but it WILL be there.

The key will be to figuring out where it is. 


You Don't

Have To

Go It Alone !!

Regardless of what's making you sick ... whether it's toxins, chemicals, mold, or something else ... it almost doesn't matter, because you still need to get everything OUT of you, as quickly as possible.

That's where proper detoxification comes in.

It took me over 40 years to figure this all out and even longer to perfect it.

I had to learn things the hard way - but you DON'T! Now that I know exactly what to do (and HOW to do it), I can show you the way. I can make your detox journey so much easier.

You won't have to make the same mistakes that I did. I will simplify the process for you. In fact, I can walk you through it day-by-day and inch-by-inch any one of my special Detox Programs. 

I'll guide you through it  & show you what to do, so that you don't have to struggle like I did, or get frustrated figuring it out on your own. 

With my tools & resources, you'll be able to get on the road to wellness ... FAST!

Just imagine what it would be like to wipe the slate clean and FIX your health (once and for all) and do so in a short amount of time.

Just imagine returning your health to its full vitality and getting to your best wellness possible, in a matter of months, and not years.

Just imagine being able to learn "How To" successfully get OFF the hamster wheel of healthcare and stop you sickness from happening to you. Sickness that you've had for way too long. 

Just imagine being able to live out your life with full vitality and being well enough to get OUT of the Healthcare System and make it to the point where you only need well visits and check-ups once in a while. 

That where detox comes in. 

That's where I come in.

My Educational Training & Detox Coaching Programs can help you fix your body & find your way back to better health. 

That's because they are all about Getting Healthy - Made Easy !!

So, what is exactly

is DETOX and

how can it help you?

Detoxification "detox" means to cleanse your body, internally. To remove the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals that are harming your health. And eliminating the impurities that are in in your blood, and liver, where the toxins are processed for elimination. 

Detoxification  eliminates the "bad stuff" flowing through your kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

I like to think of it as scrubbing your body from the inside out and giving you a spring cleaning internally.

Disinfecting you from top to bottom & removing all the "gunk" and debris that's been hiding there. 

Then, taking all of that "garbage" out to the curb and eliminating it, leaving your body fresh & secure.

Now is the time to begin. 

Take ownership of your health, today!

Find Out What's


deep in Your Body.

Learn what toxins & chemicals are in you.

Then, let me show you "How To"

get rid of them !!

CellCore  Biosciences Practitioner, Bonnie K. Brown

Online Virtual Practitioner

The Story of

My Success

The key to my success in turning my health around was ultimately found through proper detoxification & effective Healthcare Navigation. It was those 2 things (combined) that helped me succeed & enabled me to fix my health and live ... A Better Life!

So, those 2 things go hand-in-hand.

Same goes for learning how to bridge the gap between the traditional Healthcare System and that of Functional Medicine. They also go hand in hand. You need to learn both to survive.

It took me a lifetime to figure this all out, and in the end, I was really surprised by how simple it all was. 



This is me after detoxifying 

my body and fixing my health.

I learned that you can FIX your health

In just 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1:   Get YOU out of the toxins. 

Which means, FIND THE ROOT CAUSE of your illness, and get you OUT of the toxins that are harming your health. You've got to figure out what kinds of toxins & chemicals are in your body, your home & at work. Then, you've got to work to get you OUT of them as quickly as possible.

STEP 2:   Get the toxins OUT of you. 

Which means, TREAT THE ROOT CAUSE of your illness, and detoxify your body to eliminate the nasty toxins & horrible chemicals that are dragging your health down and are getting in the way. You've got to get them all OUT of you as fast as you can.

STEP 3:   Fix the DAMAGE done. 

Which means, ELIMINATE THE ROOT CAUSE of your illness and begin to heal the damage that's been done done. Then, make sure that your efforts have been successful. 

You need

to Detoxify Your

Body / Home / Work

if you want to FIX your health.

With more than  70% of all buildings having some kind of mold or environmental toxins in them, it's nearly impossible to have a safe space in which to live & work. I learned this the hard way!

Plus, there are 86,000 registered chemicals & toxic substances out there right now that can be harming your health. Toxins that you're being exposed to on a daily basis that are everywhere. Literally everywhere.

So you've go to figure out what they are (and where they are) and make a conscious effort to eliminate them. 

It's critical to get you

OUT of the toxins. 

And the toxins 

OUT of you.

Simple in concept. Yet, NOT so easy to do! There's a lot that goes into it and a lot that can go wrong. Plus, there's a really big learning curve there and a lot at stake.

Not only that, but it can cost dearly if you don't get it done right. So, it's really important to know what to do and "How To" to do it ... and have someone help you get it right.

It could literally cost you a fortune, and maybe even cost you ... your life !!

Am I the 

Right Person 

to Help You? 

Having a Health & Wellness Coach by your side, can make all the difference in the world, especially if they can help you figure out where to go (and what to do), and show you how to minimize the hassles and hardships along the way.

They can empathize with you and understand the many challenges you face.

They can help you remain focused on what matters to you the most and show you better ways to get through the tasks at hand.

With their help, you can move the needle of your wellness forward more quickly and more easily than you ever thought possible 

They can also help you to avoid the many pitfalls, frustrations & obstacles that you'll likely to face along the way ... and provide you with a whole bunch of useful tools & information that you can use to build new & healthy habits for everlasting change.

It's Important to

Choose the Right Coach for YOU.

Having been a consumer of all kinds of Health & Wellness Coaches, Practitioners, Healers & Medical Providers over the last 40 years (both personally & professionally), I've learned a LOT about the importance of choosing the right one to meet your needs. 

You need someone you can know, like & trust.

Someone who's perfect to help you get the job done.

Too many times to count, I invested in a Practitioner (or Health & Wellness Coach), that just wasn't the right fit for me.

Either they didn't have the right level of expertise (or the knowledge I needed to solve my problem), or they simply did not not "get me", or "align with me", or understand what it was that I was going through. 

So I think it's important to meet your Health & Wellness Coach (in advance) and determine if they're a good fit for you before you get started.

Get to know them. Kick the tires. Take them for a "test ride". See what they're all about.

See exactly what they can offer you in terms of products & services and see if they're the right fit for you. 

That's why I offer FREE Consultations.  I WANT YOU TO COME & MEET ME !!  In fact, I highly encourage it. That's because I want to meet you, too. I want to see if I'm the right fit for you.

So, please sign-up for any one of my FREE Consultations during my open Office Hours Sessions and let's connect.

It's completely FREE and everyone is welcome, no matter what their need.

There's no obligation. No requirements. No referrals. No sales pitches. No head games. And certainly no commitment necessary. 

Whether you're needing a little bit of help (or a whole LOT more) come and see what I can to help you. Sign-up now and get a link to connect. 

We'll meet on zoom and I'll  answer any questions you may have. I'll share my screen with you to provide you with the important tools & useful resources.

Let me show you how I can help. 

To make the most of your FREE Consultation, please complete the FREE Health Assessment in advance. Doing so will enable me to give you my input & make specific recommendations based on a "good / better / best" approach.

I'll give you my $.02 cents worth and tell you exactly what I think. 

Many practitioners charge $150 - $300 for this advice, so please take full advantage of it.

Let me help you to chart a path forward and come up with an Action Plan to get from where you are now, to where you want to be ... and make it simple and easy.

If I'm NOT the right fit for you, that's fine, I will tell you, openly and honestly. I don't want to waste your time, money or energy. Nor mine. 

If I don't see a fit & feel like I'm the right person to help, I will tell you and make suggestions for who else might be.

And if I AM the right fit for you, then that's awesome! I'll show you what options you have for us to work together.

Everybody is different and every healthcare journey unique, so your plan of action will be customized to you and your individual needs.

Having been a Medical Advocate since the year 2000, I know a LOT of people in the medical community and have a lot of resources to tap into.

Being a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner since the year 2020, I've also got access to over 4,000 other practitioners who also have a lot of expertise. 

I often collaborate with others on a regular basis, and sometimes even "double team" a client to & work together with another practitioner to help them go farther, faster.

So, I might know someone who else who can also be beneficial to you Whether that be now, or somewhere else later on down the road. 

Of course, I'm hoping that I'll be the answer to your prayers ... and the one to guide you through the process of turning your health around. Because there's nothing I love more than that.

Helping someone go from being sick & tired all the time, to being filled with hope & joy, and far better health, and total vibrancy is what I live for. 

To see others be healthy, happy & carefree is the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

I can think of nothing better that I'd like to do than to help you.

I enjoy being able to pay it forward, because I was once in your shoes.

So, what have you

got to lose? 

Come on & check it out. It's FREE. Get your FREE Health Assessment & your FREE Consultation today. Click below to register and let's find a time to connect. 

If you don't see a time that works for you on my Calendly Schedule, simply email me and request a different time to meet. One that might be more convenient to you. I'll see what I can do.

Your Health IS Your Wealth

Protect it at any cost !!

Are Toxins

Making you Sick?

You've got to get to the "Root Cause" of your illness if you want to fix your health.

I've had 5 major mold encounters in my home & office. Yes 5. UGH! Each one hurt my health. The 1st one came after having knee surgery. I had been in bed recovering. But instead of getting better, I got worse.  

The longer I laid in bed, the sicker I got. Until I finally realized that there was something in that room making me sick. I went searching for answers, until I found them. 



I found a little bit of light grey mold on the backside of my dresser. It looked just like a little bit of dust and certainly seemed harmless enough. I later realized I kept the room way too dark to block out the Florida sun and heat. 

Plus, I  spritzed my big hanging fern that hung in the corner often, which caused the mold to grow.

The combination of moisture & darkness was the spark that ignited the flame ... my genetics & mold allergy did the rest. 

It took me more than 40 years to realize that ANY exposure I had to mold could hurt me ... and depending upon what that exposure was, (what kind of mold it was), how bad it was, and how long I was exposed, it could kill me. Literally kill me! I have an "HLA-DR" gene, which is a genetic defect for mold that causes my body to be highly allergic and react to it. 

In fact, it attacks itself on its own. It's called CIRS Disease (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and it means that my body doesn't have the ability to eliminate mold or mycotoxins on its own.

The only way I can get the mold & toxins OUT of me is to detoxify my body by taking supplements that have "binders" in them, acting like a magnet to grab onto them and pull them out.

Questions, Questions,

Questions !!

Once I found out where the mold was coming from, I had so many questions. Unfortunately, none of them had answers.

So I had to go searching for solutions.

Should I remediate myself, or not? Hire a pro, or not? Paint the room, or not? Get mold testing? Or not? Replace the carpet, or not? Get new furniture, or not? Replace the mattress, or not? I didn't know where to go, what to do, who to ask, or how to get it done.  

I didn't know what the best path forward was.

Nor, HOW I was going to be able to tell if what I did worked & if my space was safe.

So I set out on a journey long ago to figure this all out. That's what led me to be here with you today.

There were so many

unanswered questions.

That was the beginning of of it all. A learning journey that I am still very much on today. I am a student first, and always. I set out on a mission to learn as much as I could about toxins & chemicals and the exposure I had to them.

I set out to figure out "How To" best remove the mold & mycotoxins from my home, my office & my body. 

I never realized how HARD that would be, nor how long it would take to get it right. 

In the end, it took me decades. And a lifetime of putting together all the parts & pieces.

Now, here I am, all these many years later and I finally know what to do and how to do it.

I now have roadmap to follow and a Plan of Action for where to begin when I wake up and I'm not okay.

And that's what I can share with you.

I can take everything I've learned and show you what to do.

I can share what's worked for me (and for my other worldwide) in order to make your life so much easier. 

Hopefully, YOU 

Can Learn

From My Mistakes !!


Get You OUT 

of the Mold & Toxins!

You've got to get to stop "Toxin Exposure" if you want to fix your health.

Mold & toxins are silent killers. Most often, you cannot see them, smell them, touch them, or taste them. In fact, you probably won't even know that they're there. But they are. They're lurking beneath the shadows and slowly degrading your home, your body, and your brain.

I learned this, the hard way.

So, if you want to FIX your body and live A Better Life ... the most important thing you can do is get YOU out of the mold & toxins as quickly as possible.

There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than that right now !!

It's got to be your highest priority.

Unfortunately, finding and fixing the mold & the toxins is NOT so easy. Or, so I've learned.

It's important to get it right the very first time around.

Trust me, you don't want to have to do this more than once ... and lose precious time, money & energy in the process.

Nor do you want to have your health get any worse in the interim.

It matters. It truly matters. 

Because the longer you're in the toxins & mold, the sicker you'll get. So, you've got to hurry-up and figure it all out ... fast !!  

Time is ticking. And there are consequences.

It seems so simple. 

But it's NOT 

that Easy to do !!


I've had many so many different mold  "encounters" in my life ... with 5 different remediation projects. All done by my husband (and myself). Each one was successful, but NOT the one from my office, where my landlord refused to help. That one nearly killed me! 

My 1st mold remediation project came many years ago after knee surgery when I got really sick after laying in bed for a few days. I discovered the mold behind my dresser. It was a pretty easy fix, considering, because I could actually SEE the mold and knew where the problem was. 

Had it been invisible (like all the other times) it may have been a very different story. But because I could see it, it was the easiest remediation project of all.

In the end, I removed the carpeting, put in new flooring, painted the room, and used special mold & mildew resistant paint and primer. I bought a brand-new mattress and pillows, and a couple of pieces of new furniture. I also deep cleaned everything in the room and got an air purifier. In no time at all, I began to feel better. 

But at that point, I still didn't know that I had "mold illness", (CIRS Disease), nor that I was "allergic" to mold, even though I had been working with an allergist, and had be thoroughly tested for all kinds of things. Plus, I took allergy medications regularly and even had monthly allergy shots. They never helped. 

Sadly, my allergy doctor didn't know about mold illness. He had never been taught about it in medical school. Which seems so absurd to me.

After I detoxified my body, and got better, I stopped the shots and the pills, and stopped seeing the doctor. His office kept calling me throughout the year. They could not believe I was better and said, "we've never seen anyone get better."

That's when I realized our traditional medical system is all about "sick" care, not "health" care!


My 2nd mold remediation project was NOT so easy. This one was on the inside of the concrete block walls in my son's bedroom. It took forever for us to figure it out and find the problem, with a LOT of failed attempts. 

We even had to get the Environmental Protection Agency & Health Department out to our home to help. 

Once we finally figured it out was mold,  we remediated both the inside (and the outside) of the house. That project took us several months to complete and cost several thousand dollars. 

The problem started deep underneath the flower beds outside of our home.

The builder of the development buried the leftover building debris (wallboard, wood, insulation, etc.) up against the house.

We had NO IDEA that it was there! We only found it after digging up the flower beds to seal the outside & paint the house.

By watering our flowers regularly, we were providing a constant flow of moisture to seep into the walls & grow mold.

In the 50 years since the house had been built, NONE of the garbage decomposed. It was all still intact, and it was soaking wet, even though it was a dry day. 

Just by watering the plants it allowed the moisture to seep through the walls, get into the concrete block, and grow the mold that made us sick. 


The 3rd mold remediation product (and the only that was NOT successful) was the one I had at m work. There was mold underneath the floors and in the AC System. 

The medical complex had a big drainage ditch all around the buildings, and it often held water for long periods of time due to the afternoon rain in Florida. 

It seeped into the floors, created mold, and got into the AC Vents. That's what nearly killed me. 

I had tons of hospitalizations, surgeries, infections, inflammation, and difficulty breathing.

It was one thing after another, and another. A domino effect day-after-day-after-day.

Others from the complex were sick, too. But none of us put it together. 

After I figured it out, the landlord was unwilling to remediate fix the rest of the building. And even though I did a LOT, it was not enough. 

That's when 

I learned the 

valuable lesson of


Once I found the mold, in my mind, I didn't really think I could solve the problem or get OUT of the building. 

I kept thinking, "I can't leave this office. I've got a lease, a busy business, way too much to do ... I've got too many people relying on me. There's way too much going on. No time to figure it out. I've got to keep on working!"

That was my thinking. Until, I nearly died. I put my life in jeopardy because I didn't see things clearly.

Rather than tell myself "I can't get out" I was telling myself, "I WON'T get out". Big difference. What I should have been thinking was "You MUST get out!"

Can't vs. won't. Remember that. There's a big difference! 

My, how quickly my attitude changed when I found myself hooked up to a heart bypass machine, and on the brink of death. Watching my life flash before my eyes, getting last rites and having my family come say goodbye was no joke.

It didn't take me long to realize how wrong I was. 

It was NOT worth dying for! 

What I should have done is to ask myself, "Are you willing to DIE for this?"  Because that could have easily happened. My health suffered mightily for 4 years straight before I ended up up on the heart bypass machine.

My health suffered for almost 2 years after. 

I also endured 3 other heart surgeries before that & during that time leading up to the one that caused the heart attack and required open heart surgery.

All in all, I had 4 heart surgeries that I didn't need (or want) and all of them stemming being misdiagnosed and being exposed to mold. 

I also had 4 knee surgeries, including 3 knee replacements that were caused by mold and a misdiagnosis.

Can you imagine that?

All of the pain and suffering?

All of the years wasted in rehabilitation and recovery?  

So, before you say you CAN'T fix your home, or your CAN'T fix your job, or you CAN'T fix your body ... think again!

Ask yourself if you're willing to DIE for it.

Or get treated horribly mistreated by the Healthcare System.

Perhaps then, you'll see things differently then. 

You probably don't even realize what's at stake. Nor how bad it can be.

Should this ever happen to you, remember that "cheap is expensive".

Don't tell yourself that you don't have the money to fix the problem, or that you don't have the time to find a solution.

And don't "cheap out" and do to a quick fix.

Do it right!

No matter what it takes or what you've got to do (or what it costs you) ... STOP the exposure to the mold & toxins that are harming you. Your health is at stake.


My 4th mold remediation project, came from mold that was deep underneath my kitchen cabinets. It took me 8 months to find it and fix it.

I knew something was wrong when all of my symptoms began to return out of the blue after 2.5 years of being in picture perfect health. 

I had all the same symptoms from the BioToxin Illness Clusters Chart (above).

Things like fatigue, headaches, brain fog, difficulty breathing, etc. I even had chest pains up toward the top of my chest in a weird place that wouldn't allow me to take a full breath.

I ended up back in the hospital emergency room. 

We had a small leak in the icemaker waterline. It was behind the corner unit of the cabinets. We couldn't see it.  

Sadly, that mold remediation project was the most expensive one of all ... costing $25,000 in repairs. OUCH!


Sadly, it didn't stop there! Even after all of that, we still found more mold. This time it was hidden behind the walls of our bathroom and underneath our tub. 

So, whether your home is old or new, it is all still susceptible to water damage.

And as careful as I am "IT HAPPENS". 

I've had a bunch of people say to me, "Why stay? Why not sell and go?"

All I could say is that leaving doesn't guarantee me success.

With over 70% of all buildings having water damage, anywhere else we go, we're likely to have problems.

At least here, I know what I've got and what's already been done. And since we did the work ourselves, we know it's been done right.

Plus,  wanted to continue to stay and enjoy my little slice of paradise. 

Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons. For me, it was an easy decision!

So, if you've got healthcare issues (or loved ones with healthcare issues) the first place to look is in your home and at your job. Check it out.

See what's there.

Get it inspected. Most likely something is lurking and is making you sick.

Get your space tested by a real pro. Don't buy those cheap kits from the hardware store. They are NOT reliable !!

And don't rely on air samples, either. They're not accurate.

I learned that the hard way. Spent $500 and was told there was no mold. But it WAS there!

So, hire someone and can get it right, right from the very start.

Do what you can to get you OUT of the toxins and the toxins OUT of you. Time is ticking & you need to get it done, right !!

70% of ALL 

Homes & Offices

Have Mold Sickness !!

Do whatever it takes to find yours, because you cannot fix the problem until you know WHERE the problem is. Go searching for answers until you find solutions. 

Start by getting you OUT of the toxins. It's the #1 thing to you need to do and is your highest priority.

That's Step #1.


Get the Toxins

OUT of you!

You've got to Detoxify your body to fully restore your health.

Nobody is immune from toxins & chemicals ... NOBODY!!  Sickness comes when they build up in your body and you can't fight them off any longer.

Simple everyday items can be harmful to your health.

Products like computers, cell phones, unfiltered water, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies & plastic water bottles. 

They all leach into your health and can cause you to have terrible symptoms and debilitating disease.

The average person 

is exposed to 


toxic chemicals 


So many of the products we use (and the food we eat) exposes us to nasty toxins & horrible chemicals that are NOT good for our body.  

The best you can do is reduce your exposure to them and minimize the damage done.

1 in every 4 people will suffer serious consequences from exposure to toxins and chemicals this year.

2 out of every 4 people will have chronic illness from it.

1 lucky soul will be scratching their head wondering what everybody else is complaining about, because they feel "just fine" . 

But, don't worry ... it's only a matter of time.

Eventually mold & toxins will harm EVERYONE. Literally everyone, everywhere. 

Despite the myths, it CAN kill you!

I've seen it happen before my eyes and it's heartbreaking to watch.

People wasting away who didn't know what to do (or how to do it) to fix their body & restore their health. 

What's worse, was knowing that it WAS preventable. 

I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible, learn how to better advocate for themselves & live ... A Better Life !! 

I do this by using a combination of effective Healthcare Navigation & Detoxification.

So, ask yourself,

what's causing YOUR medical

problems right now?

Start digging. Look around. Find out what's harming your health. Something's there.

See what's making you sick and making your space unsafe.

 Find the problems and get them fixed. Get to the "root cause" of your issues and get those nasty toxins & harmful chemicals OUT of your body and OUT of your home & work space. 

Let CellCore Biosciences detoxify your body and work to keep you safe.


Fix the 

DAMAGE done.

You've got to become "Proactive" about your space to keep it safe.

There's so much to learn, (and know), when it comes to getting YOU out of the toxins & the toxins OUT of you.

And so much to know about keeping your space safe.

It can feel overwhelming at times just trying to figure it all out. 

You'll often have "analysis paralysis."

But regardless of the path you take, you need to continue to work to keep your space safe.

An Ounce of


is worth a pound

of CURE !!

It's far better to focus on preventing a problem from happening, than to correct it after it has already happened.

So, once you get yourself OUT of the mold & toxins ... and the mold & toxins out of YOU ... you need to then work on keeping your space safe. 

Turn your attention to prevention and mold avoidance.

Set-up "Healthy Habits" and gather the tools & resources you need to create a happier, healthier, safer space. 

That's Step #3. 

Getting healthy &

staying healthy 

is as easy as 1,2,3.


Get you OUT of  the toxins. 

Get the toxins OUT of  you. 

Then repair the damage done. 

It's that easy!

Are You


to get


Let Me Help You

Gain Control

When it comes to fixing your body, there's nothing better than having a Health & Wellness Coach (like me) to help you find your way.

Someone who has been through it all before and knows exactly what to do.

I've been in your shoes and I know the pitfalls & frustrations you're likely to face.

I had to learn things the hard way ... but you DON'T. 

I can show you a better way!

That's Exactly

What I Excel At.

My Educational Training & Coaching Programs will help you create a path forward and overcome the obstacles you'll face.

I'll show you exactly what to do and "How To" do it ... taking it one-step-at-a-time, and one-task-at-a-time, breaking everything down into manageable parts and pieces. 

I've got the perfect blend of knowledge and expertise to help you through a complex Healthcare System & Detox Program. 

I'm not JUST a Practitioner.

I'm a survivor. And thriver. And "grateful patient" who's been there and done that. Got the proverbial T-Shirt. 

I've got a unique perspective that NOBODY ELSE in the entire world has ... and that's what makes me so special !!

So, if you want someone who's been through it all herself & has helped countless others, then I'm your gal. 

I'm a "no nonsense", roll up your sleeves and get things done kind of person.

So, if that sounds good to you, then let's GO !!

Let me help you get to your BEST wellness possible and turn your health turned around.

I'd love nothing more.

How Can Help

You Do ALL of That?


Easy Peasy. 

We'll do it together. Systematically & methodically. Taking it one-step-at-a-time & one-day-at-a-time. 

I'll show you exactly what to do and "How To" do itI'll give you a roadmap to follow, and the tools & resources you'll need to help you find your way.

I'll help you Take the Hassles OUT of Healthcare and remove the unwanted obstacles that are getting in your way.

We'll start by opening up your drainage pathways & beginning your detox journey.

That's the first step we'll take. 


Your large intestine (or colon) is at the bottom of the drainage funnel and that's where we'll start. If your colon is all backed up, then everything else upstream from it can become backed up, too. If you try to force detox when the outflow isn’t moving, then serious issues could arise. It's like trying to push water through a kinked water hose. So we'll start by making sure that you're not clogged & get off on the right foot of your Detox Program.



Just above your colon in the drainage funnel are your liver and bile ducts. Your liver filters toxins out from your blood and then  processes it for elimination. Its then deposited in your bile. The bile is released through the common bile duct into your small intestine during digestion. Some of the bile is caught up in your stools and properly eliminated. That helps lower your toxin level, which is good. But not all of the bile gets through. Some of it gets stuck. So, we'll be working to make sure that your liver and bile ducts are working to their full advantage.


The next step up in your drainage funnel is your lymphatic system. Though sometimes it's overlooked, it’s of vital importance. Your lymphatic system includes a network of vessels that drain fluids from your body tissues. Unfortunately, your lymphatic system doesn’t always flow as much as it needs to. Unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymph has no pump in it pushing it where it needs to go. So, we'll need give you a little extra help there so your body doesn't have to struggle so much and is able to filter out the "bad guys", including the pathogens, bacteria, and toxins. 


Above your lymphatic system in the drainage funnel are your organs and tissues. Your brain is a key focus here. It doesn’t have a true lymphatic system. Instead, it clears cellular waste and fluids from your brain through the glymphatic system. That's a network in your brain that works like a fleet of garbage trucks to collect the trash and take it to the dumping station for removal. Waste removal in your brain mainly happens when you sleep, because during the day, your brain is busy processing all that information. Adequate sleep is the BEST way to support this part of your drainage funnel. It's like fueling up all those little garbage trucks in your brain. So, during this phase, we'll work on getting you to sleep well & drain your lymphatic system.


And finally, your cells are at the very top of your drainage funnel. They're like a whole bunch of houses. Each one producing their own garbage with waste coming from all sorts of things; like food & trash, and dirty water from the sink, tub, toilets, etc. Your cells have toxins and other waste products in them that they need to get rid of. Each cell is filled with thousands of mitochondria (teeny tiny little things inside your body's cells that generates energy) energy that you need to support detoxification and keep you well. They also play an important role in your immune system's defense and with your DNA repair. So, you need them to be in tip top shape and perfect working order. During this phase, we'll work to repair your mitochondria and fix your cells to reduce your risk of disease. All disease begins & ends at the mitochondria level, and we want you looking and feeling your absolute best. So we'll work to put the zest back into your life !!

The solution isn’t to PUSH detoxification of contaminants right away - or go too far, too fast. There's a tricky balance there, especially in the beginning of your detox journey. 

If all your drainage pathways aren’t open and flowing properly at the start, ramping up your detox efforts and "pushing things" isn’t wise.

You'll end up with a "herx reaction" (Herxheimer), where you feel sick, like having a stomach flu. 

It happens when your body is removing too many toxins, too fast.

They get backed up into your system and spill over into your bloodstream making you feel real sick.  

That's why it's best to go in order with your Drainage Funnel and start from the bottom up.

It gets the best results.

To make sure you have a good detox experience, and are successful in fixing your health, it's important to have a "Detox Coach" by your side.

One who can guide you through the process and protocols and ensure that everything you're doing is right. 

Someone who can help you pick and choose your products, and figure out the proper dosing, along with targeting the areas that are having the biggest challenges.  

I'm the BEST person to help you !

I'm a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner & Board-Certified Patient Advocate who has been through it all before. I've healed my own body and turned my health around. I've helped others succeed. I've got a proven track record & award winning system to follow. And I can show you the way. 

If there's anything left over at all (symptom wise) after you detoxify your body, that's where my Medical Advocacy skills come into play.

I'll work to help you find a path forward to fix any remaining issues. 

Detoxification can do a LOT, and for some, it can even do it ALL.

But for others, there will be other issues at play, like genetics, or nutrition, or hormone imbalances, etc.

So, I'll work with you on that.

That's what makes me so different and what makes me so unique.

Having been in the trenches of Healthcare & doing Medical Advocacy since the year 2000, I've got a LOT of tools & resources at my disposal.

Even after you fix your body through proper detoxification, it doesn't stop there.

Because at some point in time, you're still likely to need some sort of medical care. 

It's not a matter of "IF" if will happen, but rather "WHEN". Right?

So it's best to be prepared. 

I'll help you detoxify your body and learn "How To" better advocate for yourself.

Whatever it takes, my goal for you is to get to your Ultimate Health. And to learn "How To" better bridge the gap between the Traditional Healthcare System & Functional Medicine, giving you the BEST of both worlds. 

It's all about finding simple solutions

to your complex problems.


That Are Simply

Out of this World !!

Here's how

you can get

on the Road

to Wellness today! 

Let's Get YOU

to Better Health !!

Look, when you're sick & tired and you're overwhelmed and overloaded by life itself, you simply cannot move forward with confidence, capability, or control.

Instead, you'll end up spinning your wheels, and going around and around in the Healthcare System, getting absolutely nowhere.

I've been there and done that myself.

You probably have, too.

Half the time your Doctors (and maybe even your family members) will think you're absolutely crazy, or way too needy, but you'll know better.

You know you're NOT crazy, and you're not needy. 

You're just sick.

And tired.

And sick & tired of always being sick & tired.

If only they knew what that was like to be you, then it wouldn't be so hard.

But, they DON'T

understand you. 

They're NOT in your shoes and they just don't KNOW what it's like. But I do.

I don't think anyone can fully understand what it feel like, unless they've gone through it themselves.

So, let me help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be, more quickly & more easily than you ever thought possible. You deserve that. Everyone does.

You Deserve to Live 

a Life in Good Health. 

So, please, come join me.

Let's get you started.

Get Your 


Health Assessment 


It's Yours

Absolutely Free.

Getting Healthy

Made Easy !!


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Bonnie K. Brown
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Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach & Seminar Leader. She’ll teach you "How To" better Advocate for yourself and give you the tools and resources you need to simplify healthcare. As a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner, she’ll help you get to the "root cause" of your illness and detoxify your body to remove the harmful toxins & nasty chemicals lurking there. She'll show you how to fix your health, eliminate your disease, and get to your best wellness possible. Her award-winning Educational Training & Coaching Programs will give you peace of mind & help you reach your Ultimate Health.

Our Mission
Getting You To Your Best Wellness Possible

Our mission is to help as many people as possible learn “How To” better Advocate for themselves in order to live ... A Better Life !!  We'll show you how to maneuver through the medical maze and take control of your health. We'll help you to detoxify your body by using the wonderful products from CellCore Biosciences & Microbe Formulas. Their supplements & protocols will help you find the “root cause” solutions to common system imbalances. Let us help you get well (and stay well) through the magic of Carbon Technology and let us help you bridge the gap between Traditional Healthcare and Functional Medicine.