Bonnie K. Brown

Board-Certified Patient Advocate & CellCore Biosciences Practitioner

Simplifying Healthcare Navigation & Detoxification

Mold Illness  / Detox Specialist / Autoimmune Expert /  Online Virtual Coach

A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Are You...

  • Frustrated with your Health?
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity?
  • Sick & Tired of Being ... Sick & Tired?
  • Want to Fix your Health & Live ... A Better Life?

What's Making You So Sick?

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Wellness begins at the cellular & mitochondria level. Your body is made up of 70 trillion cells and it's their job to protect you, because healthy cells = a healthy body. So, take this FREE Health Assessment now in order to find out what's going on deep inside your body at the cellular & mitochondria level. Get to the "root cause" of your issues. Test 21 different areas of your wellness to get a comprehensive overview and pinpoint the areas of your health that need some help.

*Babesia / *Bartonella / *Blood Sugar / *Colon / *Drainage Dysfunction Susceptibility / *General Toxicity / *Hyperthyroid / *Hypothyroid / *Lead Toxicity / *Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) / *Lyme Disease Current Symptoms / *Lyme Disease Risks / *Mercury Toxicity / *Mycotoxins / *Mitochondrial Dysfunction / *Parasite Infection / *Radioactive Elements / *SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) / *Small Intestine / *Stomach / *Minerals & Electrolytes

A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Are You...

  • Frustrated with your Health?
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity?
  • Sick & Tired of Always Being ... Sick & Tired?
  • Want to Fix your Health & Live ... A Better Life?

Why is it so HARD to

Fix Your Health?

  • Healthcare has become so complicated that it's difficult & dangerous to navigate it alone.
  • There's so much contradictory information out there that it's easy to get "analysis paralysis".
  • It feels nearly impossible to get yourself to an evidence-based diagnosis that you can trust.
  • Doctors only want to give you a pill for every ill and then pass you along to somebody else. 
  • You've got hidden toxins & dangers in your food, water & air supply that are making you sick.
  • You need to get them out of you and won't get better unless you do, but you need to do it right.
  • You need a trusted partner to simplify the process & help you navigate your way to true healing.

Can YOU Relate?

If so, start by taking this FREE Health Assessment.

This Free


will help you gain: 


 By getting you to the "root cause" of your illness & identifying what's going on at the cellular & mitochondria level.


By enabling you to identify what your top priorities are, so that you can begin to focus on what matters to you the most.


By measuring 21 different categories of your health, you'll see how much you're improving as you detoxify your body.


By knowing what to focus on first, you'll have a clear roadmap to follow that will save valuable time, money & energy.


By putting you in complete control and giving you the knowledge you need to make well-informed decisions.

My Story of STRUGGLE

I know what it's like.

I've been where you are.

I can help you FIX your health !!

I spent over 40 years of my life - yes - 40-ohhhh my goodness years - just trying to fix my health in order to live ... A Better Life. I ended up with 17 major surgeries (most unnecessary) and spent well over $350,000 in out-of-pocket costs. I'm a multi-medical malpractice survivor and I nearly died ... twice !!

Our Healthcare System failed me miserably, repeatedly, and the medical professionals that I trusted most with my life nearly killed me. From that experience, and more, I emerged as a fierce independent advocate. My passion is helping others avoid the same pitfalls & frustrations that I felt and is what drove me to become a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, CellCore Biosciences Practitioner, and Mold Illness & Detox Specialist. That's because I want to ensure that NOBODY else has to suffer the same things I did, or feel so hopeless, helpless & in despair as they work to fix their health in order to live ... A Better Life !!

The Good.

The Bad.

And the UGLY.

My Doctors told me that I had heart disease & dementia. I DIDN'T. They kept ripping out my body parts & filling me with fistfuls of expensive medications, which only made things worse. Their medical mistakes caused me to go into anaphylactic shock, where my body swelled up & shut down. I could not breathe. And I nearly died. 

They kept doing more and more heart surgeries and procedures to me & put stents in my heart where they didn't belong and I did not need them, because I did NOT have heart disease. I had mold illness (CIRS Disease) that went undiagnosed & misdiagnosed ... for decades. My body rejected those stents, and it caused me to have a massive heart attack. Once again, I could not breathe, and I nearly died. But this time, it was way worse ... because I needed emergency triple bypass open heart surgery due to their mistake. My troponin level (the sign a heart attack) was 123.323, which was 20,000 TIMES HIGHER THAN IT EVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ... and the highest my retiring surgeon had EVER seen during his professional life. (Not a prize that I ever wanted to win!) I was put on a heart bypass machine and got last rites. Twice. They told my family I WAS going to die. They made them come in and say goodbye. And all I could think was, "OMG ... they're are actually going to KILL me !!"  



Last rites. Twice. 

From a botched surgery.

This could happen 

... to YOU, too!

Look, I’m a smart, capable, professional woman. Graduated Suma Cum Laude, at the top of my class. Buy even that wasn’t enough to protect me. I’ve got a brother who's a Physician’s Assistant, and a sister who's a Medical Lab Technician. And even that wasn’t enough to protect me.

I devoted much of my life to becoming my own best advocate & then turned around to help others learn how to better advocate for themselves. And from there, I became a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, one of the first 250 people in the entire world to earn this distinguished worldwide certification.

But even THAT wasn’t enough to protect me! 

So, if I’ve got all this education, experience, skills & capabilities ... plus a whole bunch of really smart people around me ... and I got run over from healthcare like this, just IMAGINE what could possibly happen to YOU, too?  



Don't let them harm you. Get help now! Learn "How To" better navigate through the Healthcare System and "How To" properly detoxify your body ... so that YOU can prevent tragedies (like mine) from happening to you, too. 

In the end, I didn’t have heart disease and I DIDN'T have dementia, either. I had a mold illness, called CIRS Disease. And guess what? 1 in every 4 people have it, yet nobody even knows about it. Not even most Doctors. And why not? Good question. Because they are NOT teaching about it in medical school - even though they should be - because it's a very common thing. In fact, they're not teaching any of our medical professionals anything at all about the harmful effects of environmental toxins & chemicals on our body. Only Naturopathic Doctors & Functional Medicine Specialists dig into that. And I find that TRAGIC !! 

Not only that, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON, EVERYWHERE, (yes, even you), right now, is susceptible to getting sick from mold & environmental toxins. No matter who you are, where you live, what your age, or physical condition ... you are definitely not safe. Regardless of whether you have a genetic susceptibility for something (or not), your health is still at risk. So, you need to get keep getting those toxins OUT of you as you age on an ongoing basis ... or they WILL harm your health at some point in time.

Healthcare Navigation 

+ Detoxification



Navigating a complex and often confusing healthcare system can be a daunting task, especially when you're not well ... or when you're having to deal with complex medical conditions & chronic illness that requires frequent visits to see a doctor or specialist. That's why having an efficient & effective Medical Organizing System in place is crucial. You need to be able to keep track of all your appointments, medications, test results, and other essential medical information.

But even with a well-organized system and having your affairs in order, it's also important for you to also have a trusted advisor who can guide you through the medical maze. Someone who can teach you all about the pitfalls & frustrations that you're likely to face and give you tips-n-tricks for how to avoid them, along with important tools & information to become your own best advocate. And that's where I can help. I've been guiding people through our complex healthcare system since the year 2000 and have a number of Educational Training & Coaching Programs available.

And while healthcare navigation is certainly one critical aspect of managing your own health, it's NOT the only thing you need. Because proper detoxification is also essential ... as harmful toxins & nasty chemicals will accumulate in your body over time, leading to serious illnesses and possibly debilitating disease.

Detoxification is an essential process for your better health. One that can aid in lowering the possibility of developing severe and fatal health conditions. Detoxifying your body will help you get more out of the healthcare system while using less of it and protect you as you age. Not only that, but it will drive down your costs of healthcare and significantly improve the quality of your life, enabling you to live without restrictions, or serious health challenges, that are linked to chronic illness.

So, if you want to take control over your health and live ... A Better Life, then you'll need both healthcare navigation & proper detoxification. And I am uniquely qualified to provide you both.





Our modern world is filled with a staggering amount of toxins & chemicals. Just take a look at these statistics below and see for yourself. They are everywhere in our daily lives, and they will definitely seep into your body, no matter how much you try to keep them out, highlighting the urgent need for you to learn "How To" properly detoxify your body in order to protect your health. My Educational Training & Coaching Programs will teach you how to do both - effective healthcare navigation& proper detoxification - so you can reach your ultimate health and prevent tragedies like the one that I experienced from happening to you, too.


  • 86,000 registered chemicals are seeping into our food, water & air supply each day.
  • 1 in 4 deaths can be attributed to pollution, contaminated water, and toxic workplaces.
  • 60% of all personal care products have toxins in them, including known carcinogens.
  • 70% of all homes have mold in them which are causing significant damage to our health.
  • 80% of all cancer cases have been attributed to environmental factors, including toxins.
  • 90% of all people in the world have harmful levels of toxins in their urine from plastics.
  • 95% of all pesticides reach a destination other than their intended target causing harm.
  • 100% of all people already have toxins in their body (right now) ... yes, even newborn babies.

By taking charge of your health and learning "How To" properly detoxify your body, you can avoid the health risks posed by harmful environmental toxins & chemicals. Don't wait any longer to prioritize your health and wellbeing – let me guide you on your journey to optimal wellness with my products and services. Use the FREE Health Assessment (above) and my FREE Consultation to get started today. I'm here to give you as much (or as little) help & support as you need.

Don't wait any longer.

Get the help you need today !

You Don't Have To Go Through

Your Journey Alone!!

Regardless of whatever is making you sick ... whether it's toxins, chemicals, mold, or something else ... it doesn't matter, because you need to get all of it OUT of your body, as quickly as possible. And that's where proper detoxification comes in. It took me over 40 years to figure all of this out and fix my health and I had to learn everything - the hard way. But you DON'T!

I can show you what to do (and how to do it) to make your detox journey so much easier. I'll walk you through it every step of the way, day-by-day, and week-by-week, so that you don't have to struggle like I did, or have to worry about figuring everything out on your own. 



*  Imagine what it would feel like to fix your health & turn your life around in a matter of months, not years.

* Imagine what it would feel like if you had energy, vitality, and total joy back in your life once again.

*  Imagine breaking free from the cycle of "sick care" and only focus on your own "health care" instead.

*  Imagine getting OUT of the healthcare system & only needing occasional well visits & check-ups.

*   Imagine being happy, healthy & free of all sickness & disease, allowing you to truly live ... A Better Life !!

My Educational Training 

& Coaching Programs are all about ...



So, what's LURKING 

in Your Body?

See what toxins & chemicals are inside of you.

Then, let me help you get rid of them !!

The Story of My Success

The key to my success in turning my health around was ultimately found through effective healthcare navigation & proper detoxification. It was those 2 things (combined) that helped me to finally succeed after 40 years of trying. Same goes for my learning "How To" bridge the gap between the traditional Healthcare System and that of Functional Medicine. 



This is me after detoxifying 

my body and finally fixing my health.

 Bonnie K. Brown

Board-Certified Patient Advocate 

CellCore Biosciences Practitioner

I learned that you can FIX your health

In just 3 Easy Steps:

STEP 1:   Get YOU out of the toxins. 

The first step is to identify the toxins that are harming your health and work to get away from them. This involves identifying which toxins are present in your home, workplace & body, and taking swift action to get OUT of them.

STEP 2:   Get the toxins OUT of you. 

The second step is all about removing the toxins from your body through detoxification. Once you know what's making you sick, you can work to target those toxins and get them out of your body.

STEP 3:   Avoid further EXPOSURE. 

The third step revolves around adopting practices and lifestyle choices to minimize further exposure to toxins, creating a safe and healthy environment for yourself.

You need 

to Detoxify Your

Home / Work / Body 

if you want to FIX your health.

With over 70% of buildings containing mold or environmental toxins, it's challenging to find a safe living or working space. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way. Additionally, there are 86,000 registered toxic substances and chemicals that bombard us daily, making it nearly impossible to avoid them completely. Toxins are pervasive, and nobody is exempt from their effects, including you. Identifying and eliminating these harmful substances from your home, workplace, and body requires persistence, patience, and a conscious effort.



You gotta get YOU of the toxins & the toxins OUT of you.

It's a pretty simple concept. Yet, it's NOT so easy to do ... right? There's a lot that goes into it and a lot that can go wrong. Plus, there's a really big learning curve and a lot at stake here. It can cost you dearly if you don't get it right. So, it's really important to know what to do and how to do it right from the start  ... because it could literally cost you a fortune, and who knows, if you're like me, it might even cost you ... your life !!

Am I the 

Right Person 

... to Help You ? 

Having a Health & Wellness Coach by your side can make all the difference in the world. They can help you figure out where to go (and what to do), detox wise, and show you how to minimize the hassles and hardships that you might find along the way. Having been down this road before, many times myself and with my clients, I can help you avoid the many pitfalls & frustrations you'll face along the way ... I can also provide you with some useful tools & important resources that helped me heal and get to everlasting change.

It's Important to

Choose the Right Coach.

Having been a consumer of all kinds health coaches in the past, I know the importance of finding just the right one to fit your individual needs. You need someone who understands what you're going through, and someone who knows how to genuinely help you solve your problems. Someone who's been in your shoes before and knows exactly what to do in order to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. So come meet me. See if I'm the right fit for you.

I offer FREE Consultations and I WANT TO TALK WITH YOU to see if I can help! To see if I'm the right fit for you, In fact, I highly recommend it.  Come kick the tires & take me for a test ride. See if you like me. See if you can trust me, because I believe that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve their optimal health & wellness, and I would welcome the opportunity to help you get there.

So, please, schedule your FREE Consultation today and let's start this journey together!

It's completely FREE and there are no hassles. No hardships. No obligations. No commitments. And definitely no uncomfortable sales pitches or high pressured situations. It's just you and me getting to know one another to see if we're a good fit and to see if what I have to offer you in terms of products & services can benefit you. So, click on the link below and let's get started. You'll be so glad you did !!

So, come meet me. We'll connect on Zoom, and I'll answer any of your questions. 

I'll share some important tools & resources with you and help you identify your highest priorities.

I'll recommend a "good / better / best" approach and walk you through your options. 

So what have you got to lose?

Get your FREE Health Assessment, your FREE PDF Report, and your FREE Consultation today. Click below to find a time to connect. If you don't see a time that works for you, simply email me at and request a different date or time to connect and I'll do my best to find something that will work for you.

Your Health IS Your Wealth
Protect it at any cost !!



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What's Making You Sick?

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A Better Life - Health & Wellness

Are You...

  • Frustrated with your Health?
  • Overwhelmed by the Complexity?
  • Sick & Tired of Always Being ... Sick & Tired?
  • Want to Fix your Health & Live ... A Better Life?


Plan Carefully & Prepare Properly in Order to Live … A Better Life !!
Bonnie K. Brown
Board-Certified Patient Advocate
& CellCore Practitioner

Bonnie K. Brown is an Author, Speaker, Coach & Seminar Leader. With expertise in healthcare navigation & detoxification. She'll guide you towards your ultimate health by addressing the "root cause" of your illness. Through her award-winning Educational Training & Coaching Programs, she'll teach you all about "Getting Healthy Made Easy" and help you gain the skills, resources, and empowerment you need in order to get to your best wellness possible. Join her on a transformative journey and learn what you can do to live a healthier, happier, more vibrant life, filled with an abundance of energy and vitality. Let her help you  fix your body & get OUT of the healthcare system.

Our Mission
Help you Reach Your Ultimate Health
and Achieve Optimal Wellness

At A Better Life - Health & Wellness, our mission is to help you get to your best wellness possible in order to live ... A Better Life! We do this helping you bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and foundational medicine and by giving you a place to go to be seen, be heard, be helped & be healed. We are dedicated to empowering you with the skills & resources you need to become your own best advocate and showing you how to save valuable time, money & energy. 

Excellent health shouldn't be a privilege for just the wealthy few, so we do what we can to help you keeps the costs down. Save 10% on ALL CellCore Biosciences products with Patient Direct Code = 8EAxRMON.